Male Menopause.

As if I do not have enough to muse about, this news item in the Independent, got me into a very reflective mood. Without any disrespect to Dr. Hegarty, and strictly talking about my own life, I think that I should share my thoughts with my readers. I am sure that I shall get a lot of wisdom at the end of it all.

What really intrigued me about it is the use of the phrase, “mid life crisis”. I am unable to figure out if I am in the midst of a mid life crisis or a late life crisis or whatever.

For love or money, I am unable to find the answer to those questions as I am first of all unable to figure out quite what crisis that I am going through. Is it the tendency to fall asleep in the afternoons? I always thought that I deserved that piece of indulgence after so many decades of denying myself that during my corporate days. Is it the aching muscles? I thought, and my GP confirms that it is because I spend so much time blogging. Is it the falling libido? I do not know as, since my widower existence began, I have just been too busy living.

The funny part of all this musing is that all three symptoms existed for me in my early twenties when life was filled with partying all the time. Would it mean that I passed through my menopause during my twenties? Early life crisis?

I am confused. I am looking for enlightenment.

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