4 thoughts on “Management Qualification.”

  1. Maybe only faintly related to your subject matter, nevertheless popped into my mind on looking at your cartoon: If there is one thing a boss will do it’s teach you how to lie. On their behalf. Thinking back it’s quite extraordinary and not all of those “white” lies were on the lines of “the cheque is in the post” (the latter, incidentally, virtually impossible to use now that we live in the world of the internet and the request to transfer funds by paypal is a small company’s enemy when it comes to cashflow).

    There is one profession which (whilst no doubt adept at bending the truth to their clients’ advantage) will not lie. I know this because most my life I have been working in that profession: The LAW. You know, small print – the small print that few ever bother reading only to be tripped up by it later.

    As I said the other day: I now work for the worst and best boss ever. Myself. No slacking. No one covering up for me. No nothing. Oh to be a slave!


    1. I was once taught a great lesson by a boss when I returned from a sales call without booking the order as, I could not handle the technical stuff involved and wanted an engineer to go with me for a repeat call. The lesson was, “You must give him facts. They do not have to be facts but, give him facts.” It took me quite a while to understand what he meant.

      Yes, indeed. Quite nothing like being a slave to one’s own self!

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