Many Teachers.

One uses language to communicate and does not often consider that there could well be nuances that will enhance the communication.

Here is an example of such nuances that was brought to my notice by many of my friends on September 5, 2021 it being Teachers’ Day.

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  1. and then there is You Rummy… in my mind you have a little of all of them! wonder what the word for that is. they should have one. you have lived a nice and interesting and relatively long life. and goodness knows you have Many who value what you say and have learned! maybe Guru is the best after all. 🙂 xo

    1. You flatter me Tammy. I am however flattered by some others too who sent me Teachers’s Day greetings mentioning me as a teacher who had influenced them in their lives. It felt very good I can assure you. Thank you.

  2. Hello Rummy,

    Perhaps in the past we all had several words to describe different kinds of teachers, however as time progressed we simplified things and kept only one. However, Sanskrit retained the respect that Teachers deserve. Anyone who is willing to make himself available to pass on knowledge and wisdom (true one, not the brainwashing one) is to be respected, if not revered.

    Cheers, my friend

    1. I am sure that other languages too must have had similar words but, as you point out, over time, simplification has resulted in using a single word to describe multiple situations. Cheers to you too.

  3. ‘Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.’ – George Bernard Shaw’s ‘Man and Superman’.

    English also has many words for teacher: coach, educator, instructor, lecturer, professor, scholar, schoolteacher, tutor, guide, and trainer.

    I was a doer before I was a teacher. In my field, federal law requires that instructors be licensed or certified at the highest job level.

  4. That’s a very useful breakdown of the different kinds of teacher. Most of my teachers were number 2, but just occasionally if I was in luck I had a number 4. As Wise Web Woman says, there should be a name for a teacher who encourages critical thinking.

    1. For an Indian it is very difficult to parse what you say above type 2 and so on… but as pointed out by Mike, English is also has a variety of words for different types of teachers. At university, I was encouraged by most faculty to think critically.
      Srinivas C recently posted..The great reset

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