Mars Again.

Information about Mars does not stop chasing me!

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To live on Mars you need oxygen, food, water. But one scientist is arguing that survival needs one other critical factor, religion. Dr. Konrad Szocik, a cognitive scientist, and professor of philosophy claims that a new religion will be essential for a Mars colony.

With Elon Musk claiming that a Mars colony could be underway by 2030. The drastic changes that humans would need to go through because of the untold psychological, mental and physical struggle of living on an off-world colony would require drastic changes to humans and human society. Some scientists have even suggested that humans may need to use genetic engineering to make us better adapted to the environment. But what about the cultural and societal aspect?

There has been new evidence that the basis for the sustainability of early human civilization was the creation of religion. Religion provided an organizational structure that was cemented through rituals. This enabled humans to be able to work and settle down, moving from hunter-gather societies to agriculture and settlements.

Dr. Szocik has not prescribed a specific religion, but the creation of religion generally. In fact, he has suggested that the first wave of settlers may need to create a brand new religion that integrates spaceships and the settlement itself into an origin story.

Not everyone agrees with Dr. Szocik’s theory. Dr. Henrich from Harvard has stated that the creation of rituals for group identity would be needed, but not necessarily religion. He worries that the potential of proselytizing others and it could create conflict that would disrupt the harmony of the settlers.

Religion has already been integrated into space programs. From prayers read in space by astronauts, to priests giving blessings to astronauts on trips, to religious messages being sent out into space for possible connection to extraterrestrial life forms.

The development of a Mars program is still in nascent stages, so we don’t know yet how religion will be integrated. But it would be strange for religion to not exist on a planet named for an ancient god.

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  1. I’m skeptical of the need to create a brand new religion, especially in the first “wave.” If there ever is a martian society that is self-sustaining, existing religions might adapt to the new environment. New religions, if any, would be more likely to develop over time.
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  2. hasn’t enough bloodshed and animosity been constantly stirred with the existing religions on this planet? must we infect a poor defenseless innocent one like mars with our religious virus! 😀
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

  3. My perceptions and attitude toward formal organized religion have evolved through the years. On Mars, how about every individual has their own private religion and/or engagement with spirituality? The rule is one cannot make requirements that others follow their guidelines. You may worship whatever God or embrace whatever spiritual philosophy you wish as long as your actions don’t impinge on another, you dont injure or take a life. Practice your beliefs as much or as little as you wish, but within the privacy of your own home and being as this is a very personal matter. An over-simplification?
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    1. That would be like India. Here at least as far as those called Hindus are concerned, it is total anarchy. Each individual can do whatever he wants and is perfectly acceptable if he choses not to have any also.

  4. Hi Rummy,

    I think that spirituality (and the belief in something higher than them) is inherent to all human beings, even though some like to say they are this and that, or they don’t believe in this or that, for either convenience sake or lack of understanding of the purpose of life. But religion is a different matter: it takes more discipline, whichever religion one may choose to follow. Religion is about law and order; without it chaos ensues.

    When we reach Mars: will we need religion? Probably, after all humans are humans. Will we be more spiritual? Absolutely, to keep our sanity.

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