I did not join this mad rush. Frankly, I did not even know that something like this was afoot. I would still have not joined up for this lark anyway.

I am already a Martian.

In my immediate neighbourhood, there are four Cooperative Housing Societies named after planets. Venus, Pluto, Mars and Neptune. The builder who had developed this area must have had some sense of humour!

I live in the Mars Cooperative Housing Society and therefore I am already a Martian. QED.

13 thoughts on “Martians.”

    1. I knew the builder personally. An amazing man who smoked himself to death.His son took premature retirement from business when his wife died and now the grand son is doing a remarkable job running the show. A highly respected family in our city.

  1. Well I didn’t know that I could have been part of the micro-chip brigade either but what an interesting what to obtain money (guessing that was the end goal)…

    interesting to on your housing communities – I supposed the next step if the developer wanted to was to use the zodiac signs…

    1. Sadly, after building our development areas, he quit the construction business and went into property management. What he has left behind is among the best constructions in the city that have survived successfully for more than three decades without much repair.

  2. No jokes about Venus here but I remember an old BBC series about Mars did you ever see it?

    And Mars bars, do you get those?


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