Matrimony II.

I feel like kicking myself!  This is an aspect that I am aware of but did not cover in my earlier post on Matrimony.

It may not be such a big deal in the West but in India, it is expected that men get married when the time is right to the girl chosen by the parents as are the women.  No one bothers to find out if either is interested or not and many marriages flounder because of this single factor.  There is also a lot of ignorance about homosexuality which translates into further problems as can well be imagined.  I am glad that at least now these matters are being brought out in the open and discussed.  The laws needing to be changed is something that has been agreed on but with the change of government has delayed the process.  I believe that now that the Supreme Court has said it’s for the “competent legislature” to take a call our Parliament should remove Section 377 from the Statutes.


Another new whammy!  I know of a young lady who is a student in the Pune University who eloped with her gym trainer and informed her family after the event that she will continue to live with them at their expense till her now husband can afford to take her to a home and finance her education.  What chutzpah!  But this development was asking to take place too!  With subliminal messages constantly being sent to women to be thin and different from what they are, gyms are flourishing and hormones and testosterone  are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Now to add some mirchmasala (Condiments And Spices, for the clueless) to the whole issue of matrimony here is a news item that is, to say the least amusing!

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  1. Good for the mother! I, too, have never been that interested in household chores. Andy likes me just the way I am, interested in other things and happily engaged in life. Parallel play!
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Poor Baby

  2. At least Inda is somewhat upfront about its racial type issues – that caste system says it all. Ours is more subtle but still in play maybe even as much. As to the chores in married life – Lynn and I agreed warly on I’d cook, she’d do the dishes and since we both worked we pretty much split everything else although since I worked 6 days a week regularly she did get the short end of the stick. Your post simply proves again how unique India really is.

    1. One needs a discerning eye to locate news items that appear regularly to understand the sub plots in Indian marriages Chuck. I am planning on a post or two on problems faced by men in matrimony too!

  3. Hi Rummy,

    First of all, it’s so interesting that Al-Jazeera would write a piece criticising the Indian society regarding the homosexuality when in Qatar homosexuality is punishable in the worst of ways.

    Loved the story of the 30-year old couple: force the wife to cook? lol It kills me. Regarding the acceptance of the daughter’s marriage: well, it is hard to change traditions, but it’s worthwhile changing/updating some of them.

    Max Coutinho recently posted..UK, EU, UN, US & 998 acres of Land: The Circus of the Absurd

    1. The Middle East has a huge Indian population which depends on television for entertainment! Al Jazeera usually picks up stories from Indian media and air.

      India is a fascinating place to live in be an observer of its idiosyncrasies.

      1. Yes, I am aware of it. I have also been following Qatar’s treatment of those Indian workers in particular:

        “The Indian ambassador in Qatar said 82 Indian workers died in the first five months of this year and 1,460 complained to the embassy about labour conditions and consular problems. More than 700 Indian workers died in Qatar between 2010 and 2012.”
        Not a pretty picture. So, it’s rather interesting how AJ picked up this story and its tone makes it even more curious. Cheers
        Max Coutinho recently posted..UK, EU, UN, US & 998 acres of Land: The Circus of the Absurd

  4. Re homosexuality, it used to be not uncommon in Britain for a gay man and gay woman to get married simply to hide their real sexuality and avoid other people’s hostility. Thankfully that’s not necessary any more.
    nick recently posted..Caught in the crush

  5. I’m sure that most of my friends would be rooting for the mother. And I agree with you, Ramana, throw young people together in physical situations and hormones will eventually win out in some way.
    Mother recently posted..Missing…

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