As it so often happens to me, synchronicity struck again.

I received this little gem on my WhatsApp screen from a dear friend ST, who does not read my blog posts.

I could not resist the temptation to send ST a link to my yesterday’s post on Maturity and asked him “Since I have commented, am I immature?”

He is still mulling over his response to me. I doubt very much that he will but, if he does, it will give me an opportunity for another post!

4 thoughts on “Maturing.”

  1. How very true. Whenever I think of posting a comment on Facebook, I always ask myself “Is this really important?” and “Does it affect me in any way?” If the answer to both questions is No, I don’t comment!

  2. I’ve opened up my soul/mind a lot more with comments – my “it depends” only occasionally surfaces which in a way is both good/bad. Good because I have the confidence with the blogs that I read/comment on, to make the comment. Bad because sometimes it’s easier as one says “not to make much of a comment”.
    I often see people “liking” my posts for ages before they decide to comment…

    1. This is more for people who keep commenting on Facebook and WhatsApp with inane stuff which often annoys rather than please. Blogging is a different ball game altogether.

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