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I chose this topic for our LCB for the reason that, I was recently accused of being immature. The reason for this I think is the inability of the accuser to appreciate humour.

Let me give you the background. A newly made friend, who has never been to my home, decided to pay a surprise visit. When the door-bell rang, I was quite surprised to see him and expressed as much. He was stunned and the following conversation took place.

Guest: What? You are surprised? How can that be? I just now spoke to you on the phone to ask you directions to reach your place.

I: Ah, you must have spoken to my son Ranjan.

Guest: But he answered as Rajgopaul when he picked up the phone!

I: But he is a Rajgopaul.

Guest: But he sounded just like you.

I: Thank God that he does and not like our milkman.

Guest: (Taken aback) That is not funny.

I: Why? I think that it is very clever.

Guest: It is so immature to joke about paternity. You are casting aspersions on your wife.

I: Thank God, she is no more here to take offense.

Guest: That is another immature statement.

I gave up. Invited him inside, introduced him to my son and tried to make some conversation, but failed. He was decidedly uncomfortable. Perhaps he thought that I was a bit cracked and decided that I was not quite his cup of tea and scooted before I could offend his sensibilities any further.

I ask you, my readers, whether I was immature or humourous.

To write this post I googled for a definition of “Maturity” and I request that you do too. There are as many definitions as the people who define it. So, I think that I should stick with what has served me well over the last few decades. A definition that I picked up so many years ago, that I have forgotten where or from whom I did.

“Maturity is being able to act courageously but tempering the action with concern”

If I use that definition to analyze the transaction that took place between me and my friend, perhaps I was immature. I did not show concern for his lacking a sense of humour. Perhaps I should have waited to get to know him better before I let off my brand of humour on him.

What do I think? Just take a look:

What do you think?

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