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    1. Just a few to tickle your fancy. The window side is debit and the door side is credit. The boss is always right and the customer rarely. Kick the bottom and and kiss the top to succeed. Give them facts, they don’t have to be facts but, give them facts. Can you imagine a business school teaching these golden rules?

  1. What www said. Probably the same applies to those (like me) with advanced maths qualifications from the last century. They would struggle to help with the 2019 version of their kids’ maths homework.

    1. If you are talking about what some years ago was called New Maths, I can relate to your observation. I could not understand the stuff that my grand nephews were learning in school then.

  2. never hurts to have a marketable skill along with the academics. time and technology wait for no man!
    come to think of it.. “marketable skills” change hourly! I can’t imagine what it would be like in this lightening-fast changing world for a young person today!

    1. The marketable skill that I had was good communication. I was a good salesman before I went to Business School and after my MBA that one skill was the most significant one that propelled me upwards. All that the MBA did was to get me into the rarified air of Management at the entry level.

  3. The Angel never asked me to write an essay for him. However, once upon a time, he must have been about sixteen/seventeen or so, he mentioned that he was set the task of answering the intriguing question of whether “The Mayor of Casterbridge” (Thomas Hardy) was a “tragic character”. Brill. The night before. He hadn’t even read it yet. Even more brill.

    So I volunteered. Never having read the darn thing myself (it is actually rather good and instructive) I read through the night and then, early morning, threw myself at the comp to write answer the question. Just in time for the Angel to materialize for breakfast. He graciously speed read my effort and said, such is gratitude for you, “My teacher will know I didn’t write this”. So I “dumbed” it down in the time it took the Angel to eat his cornflakes and tie his laces.

    The Angel had always been an English A star, yet his teacher, the mother of one of his friends, just laughed next time she saw me. Nice one, she said.

    And then there was the time my father did my art homework, portrait of a pirate, water colour. “Tell your rather”, my art teacher, a rather stern man, said, “that on account of deception I’ll give this only a two instead of a One Plus.”


    1. There is a huge age gap between us as well as our respective sons. I think that the parent doing the homework for the child in a highly competitive environment, started happening much later than when my son was going to school.

    2. Well, it was a one off – in both cases. If I hadn’t jumped into action my son would have been perfectly happy to live with the consequences of his negligence. As it happened the subject interested me – plus I do like a challenge. Deadline in other words.

      My father’s interjection. It wasn’t charity, that’s for sure. As I was battling with that pirate on a Sunday afternoon, in passing, he happened to look over my shoulder; declared my effort a piece of shit (which it was – oh the shame of it since I come from a long line of artists on both sides of the family) and SHOWED me how to do it. That I then passed his showmanship off to my art teacher as my own masterpiece I take full responsibility for. Insert smiley.

      However, and that is where I do agree with you how times have changed (or have they – was it not ever thus), there is quite a lucrative market out there to “help” students’ with their theses … It’s questionable. On the other hand one may argue that writers indeed journalists use editors too, to go over their prose.

      Writing from a University City, editing being one of my passions,

  4. never really grasped, according to the markers, my essay writing…and as it turned out, the degree gave me nothing except a student fee debt. Some parts of it though helped me at other times, especially at art school, since I had taken Art History as major…

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