Meena Venkat – A Young Lady Lioness.

I had my cousin Devi and her son Sundar spend part of their week end with us. I had not seen either of them in years and thanks to my father now living with us, Devi decided to come over and visit and we had a wonderful time catching up with so much that has happened in both our lives.

Sundar, her young son is an IT professional with a very highly thought of company in Mumbai and a delightful fellow to chat with. I was sad to see both of them drive away to beat the traffic earlier this afternoon.

This blog is however is about Devi’s younger child, her daughter, Meena Venkat who is a celebrity of sorts. Somebody whose exploits we had not known about.

Meena is doing her doctorate in wild life protection and as part of her project work, has been working among the Asiatic Lions of our Gir Forest.

BBC had produced a documentary called the Last Lions of Gir and Devi had brought a DVD for us to share her pride in her daughter’s achievements. Viewing the entire DVD was an astonishing experience for us. Meena has more or less been physically very close to many of the lions in the forest and the film clearly shows that. We simply could not get over this bravery. We are however told that she is quite nonchalant about it.

As my little contribution to the family’s pride in the young girl, I post this article here and request you to visit an excerpt from the BBC film here.

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