Memory And Food.

A facebook post showed this image and asked if the reader had ever had it.
I responded that I had indeed had and would like to have it again if I could lay my hands on some.

Having posted that, I just could not recall the name for the sweet to send for and so posted the image on some WhatsApp pages of local friends and asked for its name and where I could get it.

I got two responses and typically for Pune, one gave me a name popular in the Old City and the other, the name popular among a particular type of vendors. I discovered that the latter is more popular and that it is Goad Kandi Shev.

While I was going through all the above adventure, I also remembered a similar sweet being made at home and again, no matter how hard I tried and googled for it, could not get the name. So, I took the help of WhatsApp again and sent to my sister and a childhood friend who too promptly sent me the name Manogaram. There is a family in Chennai who make many South Indian preparations at home and offer them online and I ordered for two packets of the same which came earlier today.
It is made of different material but my readers should be able to see why I was reminded of it because of its shape.

The Online shop offering this is named Sweet Karam Coffee.  Karam is pronounced Kaaram, and means savoury. Whenever the mood takes me, I get some snacks from them and I recommend them to all my friends too.

Do you have such memory failures on names of food?

12 thoughts on “Memory And Food.”

  1. I couldn’t remember the name of a pie I loved growing up, made over an ordinary glass tumbler to give it shape. I was so frustrated being in a British butchers at the time.

    It’s Melton Mowbray pie. Long before Google could help me out.


  2. you have made me want to eat! and it’s too late… almost 9pm.
    I have memory lapses of numerous things these days!
    it’s irritating but I have finally accepted it. 🙂 xo

  3. I don’t think I have a memory of a nice treat that might be confused with something else, or not remember. I do have strife now with the online shopping portal when I can’t think of the “search engine words” but that’s not usually a food product. I’ve made mistakes with “sizing” when I’m vaguely looked at the picture and not looked at the words, or mistook things like in the old days everything was in ounces and pounds and now it’s litres and grams! I much prefer to buy something like 4 carrots but often I’m expected know how many grams or kilos that is!
    Once I thought I was ordering a kilo of pears and ONE turned up! Another time I thought I was ordering just one and ONE kilo came!!!
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..It’s been a week…

  4. I don’t have trouble remembering the names of food dishes but I do have trouble deciphering unfamiliar food names on restaurant menus. Quite often I have to ask the server what the dish actually consists of, and whether it’s vegetarian or not.

  5. I have a variety of naming words escape me at times — not necessarily food. Sometimes they’re just delayed in coming. Some word-finding techniques can help. I also go to the internet search and put in related information I do have and always seem to get the word I want or if similar I then search synonyms.

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