Memory Trigger 24. Fishing.

I had left my cellphone at home while I had gone out to lunch with some friends. On my return, I found that there were four missed calls from a strange number. I called the number to find a very old friend on the other end, whom I hadn’t seen or heard from in over a decade.

I apologised for not having taken the phone with me and he promptly asked, if I had gone fishing! The connection was that many decades ago, we had gone fishing together off the coast of Bombay and instead of fish had caught a few crabs! Both of us laughed at that memory and caught up with all other news.

That discussion however reminded me of this amazing song by Chris Rea. One of the few songs that I liked but, which Urmeela did not. Please read the lyrics at the end to understand why she did not like the song.

Chris Rea – Gone Fishing Lyrics
I’m gone fishing
I got me a line
Nothing I do is gonna make the difference
So I’m taking the time

And you ain’t never gonna be happy
Anyhow, anyway
So I’m gone fishing
And I’m going today

I’m gone fishing
Sounds crazy I know
I know nothing about fishing
But just watch me go

And when my time has come
I will look back and see
Peace on the shoreline
That could have been me

You can waste a whole lifetime
Trying to be
What you think is expected of you
But you’ll never be free

May as well go fishing.

Gone Fishing lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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