Memory Trigger – Detective Fiction.

I got this cartoon strip earlier today which triggered off a long forgotten memory of detective fiction.

I don’t know how many of my regular readers will remember a character called Mike Hammer. He was a detective in novels written by Mickey Spillane. I think that I have read all Mickey Spillane’s novels as during those days, there was no television or diversions other than cinema and willy nilly one read. Since I was also travelling a lot, I used to buy books in railway station book stalls and was quite well known in some of them.

There were other writers too but, this particular opening that Snoopy uses is a classic Mike Hammer one if my memory serves me right.

It is a pity that he stopped with just a few stories of that particular genre. He was very entertaining and easy to read.

Have you read Mickey Spillane? Do you think that the criticism that he got from the regular literati was justified?

6 thoughts on “Memory Trigger – Detective Fiction.”

  1. I tended to be more focussed on female detectives rather than the “hardboiled” males who demeaned women down to body parts. I loved Miss Marple for instance and many more of her ilk.


    1. I have read Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot too. Among the American writers, I followed Erle Stanley Gardner with his Perry Mason, Della Street and Paul Drake characters. This genre actually replaced the Western which were more popular due to the influence of comics.

  2. I remember reading a couple like “one lonely night” and “the big kill” – quite gripping !

  3. I haven’t read Mickey Spillane but I read a lot of crime fiction when I was younger. Eventually I decided I was more interested in the characters than who-dun-it and I switched to different types of fiction. I’m puzzled by the woman whose eyes were like marigolds. Her eyes were bright orange??

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