2 thoughts on “Memory Trigger – Sumo Wrestler.”

  1. strange. i find the sumo wrestlers almost living works of art.
    their tradition and history… interesting although no doubt unhealthy as to their bodies and the girth they must keep.
    but the sculpture of poor old Trump… even as much as i detest him as president is sad to me. especially when every move he makes in politics and his own life seems to cry out to be adored and admired! he’s like this little (dangerous) kid who wants to be liked and will bully people into it if necessary! good grief!
    or should i say Great Scot and Cat House Thursday!!! lol! SH
    tammy j recently posted..may day

    1. I hope that you don’t mind my not responding to your second half of the comments. About wrestling, did you know that India has a rich tradition of wrestling and that includes women too?

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