Memory Triggers. 1.

My late wife Urmeela’s two cousins, sisters, who had gone to the same school as Urmeela had gone to decades ago, had gone back to visit the school on some occasion and made a startling discovery.

There is a board there going back to decades with the names of all school prefects over the years and they found Urmeela’s name there. One of them took a photograph of her name and sent to me via whatsapp. Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce the photograph here as I have deleted it.

Since both of them are on facebook I posted this message on facebook.

Thank you Amrita for the list of Prefects.

Both Amrita aka Pinky and Debby offered the following comments.

Pinky: “Was so delighted to find Tutu Didi’s name listed at school…truly accomplished.Well loved and always remembered.”

Debby: “What a chance discovery for us at the St.Georges’ Hall of Fame !! Thrilled to say the least….we concluded there could be just one Urmeela Shaw back then & we had to share it with the ones we love so dearly….”

I responded to the second message: “So. you were also on the expedition! I should have known. Thank you too.”

Another cousin Florence, chipped in with : ” what an amazing discovery !!! So proud to hear this .. but I am not surprised that she is listed in the hall of fame. ¬†She was too good in her work, very unassuming and had her own quiet ways of accomplishing her work — well done Tutu Didi so delighted and proud .. RIP”

I had also included the following image in the message on facebook.

Two days later, another guest visiting us noticed an album of photographs that I had forgotten even existed and took it out to see what it contained. It was an album of photographs that Urmeela had compiled of her pre-marriage days and of her side of the family including me and Ranjan on many occasions after our marriage. I had to explain various photographs to the guest and naturally it was a deeply emotional experience.

These two triggers brought back so many memories that was still under their influence when earlier today a friend with whom I had gone out to have lunch wanted to know about my widower status. I had to explain to him how it has been the last seven plus years and also shared with him the latest two instances,

Sometimes, I think that there is some power somewhere that for reasons known to itself sends us such triggers to keep us off balance!

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