Mental Health.

It was World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2020 and I had this scintillating exchange on WhatsApp with a remarkable friend of mine.

Friend: One of the best movie clips to share on world mental health day

Me: Any particular reason you sent this to me? Do you think that I am nuts?

Friend: 😂 Just to share the universality of the gaps between male and female understanding.

Me: Thank God! For a moment I thought the worst!

Friend: What is the worst?

Me: That you think I am a nut case!

Friend: 😂😂 That you are!!!!

Me: Et tu Brutus?

Friend: Takes one to recognise another. 😂

How many of you think that either I am a nut case, or my friend or both?

Ps.  The Youtube clip is partly in Hindi and partly in English.

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