Mental Health.

It was World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2020 and I had this scintillating exchange on WhatsApp with a remarkable friend of mine.

Friend: One of the best movie clips to share on world mental health day

Me: Any particular reason you sent this to me? Do you think that I am nuts?

Friend: 😂 Just to share the universality of the gaps between male and female understanding.

Me: Thank God! For a moment I thought the worst!

Friend: What is the worst?

Me: That you think I am a nut case!

Friend: 😂😂 That you are!!!!

Me: Et tu Brutus?

Friend: Takes one to recognise another. 😂

How many of you think that either I am a nut case, or my friend or both?

Ps.  The Youtube clip is partly in Hindi and partly in English.

8 thoughts on “Mental Health.”

  1. The lockdown is affecting many people’s mental health and the already overwhelmed mental health services are getting even more stretched. Luckily the lockdown hasn’t affected my own mental health apart from extreme frustration at being deprived yet again of so many normal activities (Northern Ireland is now on a four-week “circuit break” of extra restrictions since infection rates are rocketing).

    1. I did have some days of anxiety in the initial stages of the chinese virus and had to be treated by my psychiatrist for it. It affected my reading as I was unable to focus but, I was able to within a short while after taking the supplements prescribed by the Psychiatrist. Other than that I am glad that I do not have any other problems now.

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