Midsomer Murders.

I have not been watching television programs, except for some news occasionally, for many years. My late wife however used to watch a great deal and whenever Midsomer Murders came on, she would get me to sit and watch with her. That was one program that I really liked to watch and I loved John Nettles as Barnaby. Since her death, I have not seen any episodes. Apart from the episodes being very entertaining, the names in them, including John Nettles and Barnaby had a typical English robustness about them.

It has however come to my notice that there is suddenly some controversy about the show with a co-producer being suspended.

The cause for the suspension appears to be perceived racism in a statement made by Brian True-May who believed that to get a dark coloured character in the episodes will not be quite right, given the locale and ambiance of Midsomer.

As an Anglophile, I believe that Mr. True-May is right and I am intrigued that this simple observation, which to me is logical, has resulted in his suspension. I think that this is political correctness at its most ridiculous.

If we take a similar situation in India, to plunk a Caucasian in one of our soaps on TV will be disaster. For instance can any of my readers think of the aptness of inserting a Caucasian role in a film like Peepli Live?

I can’t imagine even a character like Peter Sellers in any role in Midsomer Murders.

What is main stream UK thought on this silly non issue?

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