This message was sent to me by someone who came into my life as a miracle! The story goes back to the eighties of the last century.

A colleague in the company I was working for then was posted in Hyderabad where I had deep roots. I had become friends with him and his wife then but, by the time the nineties arrived, both of us had left the company, I to move to Pune where I have been living since then and he to emigrate to Australia where he has been living since then.

We had lost touch with each other till the early part of this century when thanks to their visiting another mutual friend and colleague in India, we got back in touch with each other and had been exchanging mails and communicating through the facebook/whatsapp etc since then. When both had come to visit their family in Mumbai a few years ago, I had even driven up to meet with them there.

In Australia, they were in touch with another lady from Hyderabad who too was introduced to me by these Australian friends. That lady in turn turned out to be the wife of the son of some dear family friends in Tamil Nadu. Both of them and their lovely daughter visited me in Pune a few years ago too.

That lady Malathi, recommended that I buy and read a book of poetry by her friend and that is how I came to know this author, who too has become friends over the net since I wrote the blog post reviewing her book in this 2014 blog post of mine. The author has been a web friend since then!

Among all the people who feature in this post, the author is the only one that I have not met personally and I hope that another miracle will happen and I will get to meet her too.

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      1. yep, plenty of your countrymen living on my fair isle…as long as it was not the man mangling my language the other morning via my smart phone, when he wanted to check my Net/phone connections 🙂

  1. proof that a rich full life happens when you’re open to all forms of creativity and people. thinking back to the posts on the theatre and your musical connections.
    and then your own wonderful marriage to an artist … Urmeela! look at all the lives you’ve touched and that have touched yours! I’m so glad for this internet that we might share them!

  2. That’s great that you got back in touch with the old work colleague you had lost track of – thanks to the mutual friend!

  3. I recently had an email from a friend I knew in the 1960s—so long ago! We were great friends for 20 years, sharing so many experiences while we and our children were young. Sadly, she is ill, and it is doubtful that we can get together any time soon. But still, it is wonderful to connect now. I’m grateful to you, Ramana, for touching on this subject!

    1. I do hope that at least through the mail both of you can keep in touch and cheer each other up. I have deliberately not blogged about another story as the actors are still alive and I don’t want to disturb their privacy. I had shared my care giving experiences on an online interview in a Caregivers blog. Many years after the interview and after my wife had died a man from Europs contacted me via the blog to express his gratitude for sharing my experiences and how much he benefited from it as he is now the sole care giver for his ill wife. We have now become good friends via mail and WhatsApp and share a lot. Such miracles too happen thanks to the internet.

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