Misery Never Comes Singly and Misfortune Loves Company

These two adages keep coming true in my life at regular intervals. When I share them with my friends, they too confirm that it holds true for them too. In my case some other adages also happen simultaneously.

Let me share two recent instances with you

Three weeks ago, I stubbed my toe. This happened because at home I normally wear flip-flop slippers on bare feet. Our weather permits this!!

There was a lot of bleeding and it took a while to stop. It was not very painful and I just applied some antiseptic cream on it and let it dry. Unfortunately, every now and then the bleeding would start again and I would have to wash it in antiseptic lotion and apply the cream again. Three days later, it was swollen a bit and I went to see my GP, who gave me a shot and prescribed some anti biotic pills.

Two days after the visit to the GP, I stubbed the same toe again and the nail almost came off. There was quite a bit of bleeding again, and off I went to the GP who repeated the dose and asked me to be careful for a couple of days. He asked me to come back after two days to see if I would need Out Patient visit to a surgery to remove the nail. This is when the third adage came true. My son coming to know the tale, very affectionately called me a Bull in a China Shop.

After two days, the GP decided that there would be no need for surgical intervention, and that I just had to be careful. He informed me that the old nail would fall off automatically and a new nail would take its place. I have gone through the entire time being extremely careful and so far nothing has happened and the old nail is about to fall off any time now. I eagerly look forward to that happening so that I can start wearing shoes to go out. I am now constrained to use sandals.

The other story is more to what has been going on in this blog the last few days, since I posted about my young Representative Friend. No, I am not yet ready to post the second and concluding part of that episode. This goes back to my post of June when I had talked about some friends of mine who were struggling to establish themselves between rural India and Urban India.

This time around, the wife rang me up on a long distance call lasting, hold your breath, a cool thirty minutes! Subject? Marital discord. Two households causing a drag on relationships. What should I have done? Why me? I think that I should go into business being a marriage counselor. At least, I will get paid for it.

I know that some of you will comment on my listening skills and how blessed I am to have it. It is just that I feel, after the event, like letting off some steam. Blogging makes it possible without causing offense to anyone. I would not stop being around for people who want a listening post.

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