There are times that I find it difficult to understand some men’s attitude towards women. I find what is called eve teasing in India, alcoholic husbands ill treating wives, domestic violence etc quite common besides incidents like throwing acid attacks when spurned, taxi drivers taking single women passengers to isolated places to rape, gangs of wealthy students kidnapping girl students for the same purpose on the increase. I find all these abhorrent and simply cannot understand how men can be like that.

Sociology pundits wax eloquent on the motivation for such behaviour as societal change and the emancipation of women causing feelings of inferiority in men to cover up which such acts are indulged in. At least this is what is said about Indian men who are indeed grappling with these problems with increasing urbanisation and increased opportunities for Indian women to get education and employment.

Many writers, better informed than I have written on this subject in just about all possible publications and I do not want to elaborate further. I however found another very intriguing development which amazed me and educated me about a world that I did not know anything about. This is the video that did that and I hope that it will enlighten you as much as it did me.

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  1. Interesting discussion and interesting video. Such behavior toward women is totally outside of my experience and understanding. One specific lesson I remember as a child from my mother was “never hit a woman.”
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  2. It doesn’t surprise me. There are so many men out there determined to keep women under control and stop them having any real equality with men. This is an especially vicious form of attempted control, but how impressive that she is standing up to it so resolutely.
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  3. Good for her! Thanks for the link. I’m not surprised that this form of bullying is going on. My guess is more women live in mysogynistic cultures than nonmysogynistic ones. It takes time and work to change attitudes. I still laugh at Isaac Asimov’s quip: “All man’s problems are caused by woman. The bible tells us so. ”

    What do you think about this other quote by him? “To insult someone we call him ‘bestial.’ For deliberate cruelty and nature, ‘human’ might be the greater insult.”
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  4. This phenomenon in “western” societies is well known and documented – nagging issues of unequal pay , harassment in the work/public places and “glass ceilings” are burning issues , apart from of course treating women as “objects” at every opportunity in every media . It is admirable that Anita has stood up to be counted and fought back like she did !

    We in India have serious problems of this very nature for a variety of reasons . It starts with the family ( not so much now but still prevalent especially in not-so-well-to-do families and in rural areas ) where a girl child is regarded as a “liability” due to the “dowry system” resulting sometimes in female child infanticide ( modern techniques facilitate determining the fetus’ sex which has exacerbated the situation ) . The overwhelmingly strong desire to bear a son to (a)augment the family income ( joint families are still common and sons are known to “help out” with their sisters’ wedding expenses ) , (b)”carry on the fathers/families name” and (c) be of financial and physical support when the parents are old and/or ill , is still alive The demographics are changing as a result, to the detriment of the female population numbers which over time will create other social problems .

    There were some people ( not many though and mostly conservative relatives ) who looked at me oddly when I said that we have only 1 child – that too a daughter . As it turned out later no “dowry’ was expected by the boy she decided to marry ( or his family ) and furthermore on the day of their wedding he ( without my prior knowledge ) took on my/her surname as a prefix to his own ( subsequently legally changed his passport , ID cards etc ) ! When he said to me “Just because you don’t have a son , why should your name not carry on ? ” I can tell you there was a huge lump in my throat and from that on I address him as “beta(son)” and he addresses me as “pitaji( Dad) ” ! Times are a changing and perhaps we were fortunate !

    But here is the crucial postscript : He is a Danish national – the only son of Church going and lovely parents who not only donned traditional South Indian clothes for the traditional Hindu wedding in India and participated in the whole religious ceremony ( which as you know is quite lengthy ) but also wore them to the Church “blessing” in Denmark later , creating quite a flutter in their village Church ! ! Now I wonder how many Indian lads would have done that ?

    Life can bring many sad moments/events , but once in a while a wonderful heartwarming surprise comes along which bolsters one’s faith in human nature and makes everything worthwhile in the end ! I somehow can’t imagine a father of a daughter indulging in activities which are in any way harmful to women – I have no data to support this view but it is just a gut feeling .. I could be wrong .

    1. I am sure that all of us can come up with personal stories to either support or contradict any generalisation. But the one fact that we cannot run away from is that contrary to our wishful thinking misogyny of various intensity exists in all societies. I also accept that no matter how much we bring it out in the open and discuss, like I have tried to in my post, total eradication of that phenomenon is not possible.

      1. Let us hope the horrendous high profile Bus rape case in Delhi 5 days ago serves as some sort of tipping point as far as laws and enforcement are concerned ! The social issues will linger …

        1. If I may Ramana , I would like to post a piece which wrote to you just yesterday , titled ” A Tale of 4 Cites – Tipping Points” ( mostly on actrocities against women :

          Savita Hallapanavar , Dublin , Ireland . MTP denied , Died 28th Oct 2012

          Jacintha Saldhana , London UK . Nurse , Prank victim of Australian RJ’s , who committed suicide on 7th December 2012

          Sandy Hook Elementary School , Newtown , Connecticut , USA , Shooting by Adam Lanza ( 20 ) that killed 27 people including 20 children , 14th December 2012

          “Un named 23 year old medical student a ” Gang Rape victim ( assaulted brutally in a moving Bus , battling for life with severely injured intestines and abdomen and her boy friend badly beaten up ) , New Delhi India , 16 th December 2012 night

          4 cities , 4 tragedies of enormous & horrendous proportions ! There have been similar incidents in the past in all 4 cases but somehow these have either turned into or could turn into tipping points as far as Laws are concerned .

          In 3 cases action is being taken . The laws in Ireland have been changed ( many thought this would never happen – the enquiry continues as it should ) . Obama has put his weight behind a review of gun laws in the US ( even a US Democrat Senator who is an NRA member has relented ) and public outcry in New Delhi will almost certainly result in some strong and urgent steps being taken to protect women from such ghastly attacks that take place with impunity and monotonous regularity in many Indian cities ( Delhi possibly being the worst ) . Since the matter has now reached the highest levels in the land as well as Parliament action will be speedy – but what action is the question ! The “capital punishment” bogey has once again been raised by the BJP and others – quite unnecessarily in my view – what we need is much better policing ( preventive & surveillance measures ) and quick successful prosecution ! In the process, if it is deemed necessary to make the punishment more severe/deterrent ( longer sentences ) then so be it – capital punishment is avoidable – we cannot fall victim to mob frenzy or a lynch mob mentality .

          However in the tragic case of the British nurse Ms Saldhana the results of the enquiries in UK ( hospital where she alleged in one of her suicide notes that senior staff had treated her badly after the incident ) as well as Australia ( against the 2 RJ’s and the Radio Station who went ahead with the broadcast without “agreement” by the victim ) are still awaited . Will any action at all be taken in Australia ? Or will the fact that the hapless victim of the mindless prank was living in another country throw cold water on the whole matter ? Hope not ….

          While on this subject, the case of the poor Pakistani girl Mallala ( still recovering in the UK ) could have been a tipping point there but the whole matter seems to have faded away ( with nothing tangible being done to protect Pakistani girls who wish to go to school ) in the wake of continuing terrible violence and bombings by mostly the Taliban including the horrific incident of killing of the 6 polio vaccination workers just yesterday ( the Taliban allege that they are US spies – no doubt after the ploy used in the Osama Bin Laden killing ! ) . But I guess that is what one can expect of Pakistan who still shamelessly harbour masterminds of the 26/11 Mumbai attack which killed 166 innocent people and continue to export terror !

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