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    1. Thank you Tammy. There are others commenting here who have other points of view, which too are valid. Like all business decisions there are two sides to any story I suppose.

  1. No surprise it was ignored after all they are trying to sell shoes and stuff to a younger crowd and in their mind that ad would not work to that end. Butthead was excellent in the same wy that old MacIntosh ad was years aga. BTW – I owned Addidas Country trainers way back when – look just like the trainers in the ad

    1. It had not occurred to me to think the way you have. A perfectly logical conclusion. Yesterday, I noticed something odd. When I went for my evening walk, I wore a tee shirt from Nike, a pair of socks from Adidas and a pair of walking shoes by Reebok! Quite a loyal customer what?

    1. I am put to shame every evening at the park where I see older geezers walking faster and longer distances than I am able to now. I do however hope to improve on my performance over the next month or so.

  2. Unfortunately I can see why Adidas didn’t want the ad. As Chuck says, it appeals to the wrong age group. It would make a good ad for GPS trackers, though. He could wear a tracker so people in the home could check to be sure he was safe.
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    1. I can now see the other point of view as well. Yes, it will be a good idea to install a tracker. Some dementia patients here are being provided with anklets that track their movements.

  3. I think Adidas wouldn’t take this ad because it is putting it’s brand on irresponsible behaviour. They can’t risk the fallout, suggesting someone with Alzheimer’s be encouraged to run away from care. If that had been a dream sequence, maybe. But it’s was not. You can have such a scenario in a fiction movie, but not a brand ad. It was badly done.

  4. !the metaphors relating to it – just really sad – in many ways…

    but glad the students have a found a way to market it – with or without the shoe company!

  5. Thanks for that, Ramana. Poignant on so many levels.

    I disagree with those of your commentators who say that the ad wouldn’t work because it wouldn’t speak to Adidas’ target group (young people). Any half switched on youngster with parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, knows that getting older is guaranteed. In fact it pains me at times to hear the Angel (at 25) talking about how life is flying past him at an incredible speed. Only the other day he mentioned something he wants to do “even if I have to wait till I am an old man”. Bloody hell. And, to a large extent, that is how I saw the video: How sometimes in life ambitions and wishes are thwarted by … . Oh to get that last chance! And anyone who can’t see that, regardless of their age, won’t get much out of life full stop.

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    1. Tell Angel not to wait till he is an old man to do whatever that he wants to do. I waited as did many friends of my vintage only to regret now in our old age that we could not find ways to do those things. Encourage him to take risks now.

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