Misunderstanding 2.

My friend Arun sent me this visual on WhatsApp.

The following exchange then took place.
Me: I have survived 75 years!
Arun : GREAT 👍👍👍
Me: It is some months away! Thanks any way! I have survived without brains!
Arun : 😃😃

I understand the misunderstanding.  This exchange took place at 7.15 am this morning.  Arun must have had a great time last night.

8 thoughts on “Misunderstanding 2.”

    1. In this particular relationship, humour flew out of the window many moons ago and my attempts at humour to lighten the situation often fails. It is a messy situation. In my personal life, I have plenty of humour in my family and friends and I can be quite a comedian too.

    1. Arun and I have a lot of fun exchanging jokes and stories besides the occasional serious matter as well. Our friendship goes back to the late seventies of the last century and has endured the test of time.

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