Recently, I became a pen pal of a gentleman, let us call him EM, in Europe through synchronicity. We have been exchanging mails and getting to know each other and once we found out that we can use the WhatsApp application to share messages, have started to use that too.

We have quite a lot in common and are enjoying the new friendship though it is extremely unlikely that we will ever get to meet each other personally.

Last week, EM sent me a photograph of he with his wife taken recently and observed “Don’t you think that we look a little alike?”

I responded with the observation that over long years of married life, couples tend to look like each other and sent him a link explaining this phenomenon.

Earlier this morning, I received another photograph from him, this time alone, a selfie taken before a full length mirror. Below that photograph, he wrote “When I said that I think we look a little alike, I was referring to you and me! What do you think?”

I responded with: “Oops! Yes, indeed we do!”

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