Mixed Feelings.

I am currently reading two books as I am usually wont to. One serious and to relieve the drudgery, a fiction too. The former is An Era Of Darkness The British Empire In India by Shashi Tharoor and the latter is Eye Of The Needle by Ken Follet.

The former is all about how The East India Company first and then the British crown colonised India and exploited its economy in a deliberately cynical and degrading way. As I read it my blood boils at the insensitivity that the British showed while appreciating the fairness shown by a few. Sadly, the blood boiling is more than the appreciation as the theme of the book is how the British exploited India and Indians.

Ken Follet’s book however is located in Britain during WWII and there, when I read about a spy who kills an English lady without any compunction, or when people taking shelter in the underground railway stations during an air raid warning, stay cheerful, my sympathies and admiration go to the British people.

Same people, two different reactions.


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