Mobile Phone.

This has been a loyal companion for the past eight years but, age has caught up with it and was beginning to give trouble to me. I was still managing it but, every now and then needed help from the resident geeks.

The geeks decided to do something about it and so procured a brand new replacement, a NOKIA smart phone. They hope that it will make me smarter than I am.

The same phone with the wall paper lit when switched on. The wall paper is obviously of the geeks.
After they loaded all the applications and placing the SIM card, I was duly presented with the set and you can see how stumped I was with the totally new handset.
It has been over 24 hours since I got the hand set and I am still getting used to it. I feel like reverting to the old faithful!  A difficult task as the geeks have confiscated it and hidden it away somewhere.

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  1. Sometimes it’s good to be taken into hand.

    I don’t even have a mobile. Which earns me some funny looks. Everywhere. Last time at my bank; they wanted to “app” me. I don’t want to be apped by anyone. I want peace. And quiet. Discord at times of my own choosing.

    Anyway, I am sure your old phone is happy to be retired, and you and your new phone will live happily ever after.


  2. I haven’t had a cell phone for two years now. like Ursula says… people are always amazed when I’m asked what number they should call. especially any businesses or the doctor’s office. it’s an ‘inconvenience’ for them!
    Michael says for my own safety he’d feel better if I had one. I have to think about it. they have one called the Jitterbug I think. it’s for those of us with no resident Geeks! lol. great photos btw! 😀

    1. I wish that I had heard of the jitterbug phones earlier as, I could have then asked the children to get me one of those! As I write this however, I have got somewhat used to the new phone and it is less intimidating now than it was the first couple of days!

  3. It is a learning curve Ramana and it is very good for our brains to get that kind of exercise as we age. I remember my first foray into a “device” and it took me a while to master it. I was very patient with myself. I have embraced technology as you know and keep in contact with friends and family far away via texting and direct messaging, etc. And I like downloading newspapers on the device when I am out and about and yes, apps. I love my apps. I bank on my phone, pay bills, play daily scrabble, read emails, etc. and listen to new songs Grandgirl sends me.

    You are lucky with your resident geeks!!


    1. It has been a great learning experience WWW, and I continue to learn. Even this morning more than a week after I got the phone, I had to ask for help to find how to do something from Ranjan! And after some time, I was stumped when I saw a message on the screen saying that the image was copied to my “paste board”. I had to ask Manjiree for clarification as I could not find any paste board anywhere! I suppose that I will eventually master the beast.

  4. It’s amazing how we become so accustomed to our high-tech toys. I have a Smart Phone that I placed a screen saver on it in the event it got dropped so that the face of the phone wouldn’t crack. As luck would have it, I did drop the phone apparently more times than I thought I did and cracked the screen-saver. I have been putting up with looking at the screen through numerous cracks and just recently decided to replace the cracked screen-saver cover. Problem is that I replaced same using a vendor four hours away and waited until we were back home to replace it. The screen-saver protects the glass front of the phone but I have to hit the icons very hard now through this new screen-saver cover in order to go from one program to another. Very frustrating and it isn’t like I could pop down the street and ask for my money back. I am going to have to figure out this dilemma on my own I’m afraid. At times I wish I would have been content just looking through and around the cracks.

  5. Jenny has a smartphone but I don’t have one. I have an old dumb-phone, and it’s hard enough remembering how to write a text, as I use it so infrequently. It’s basically just for emergencies like having an accident when I’m out walking, or the car breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

  6. When I left on my months sojourn, I hadn’t much idea that my s/phone could be valuable – and I learnt how well it could work when:

    booking things, credit/other, f/book, writing emails even my blog AND of course taking photos (most of which weren’t shaky) and flicking them onto Instagram and similar places…I even found I could reapply for something that needs to be done 1/4-ly… even though there was a moment in the process where I thought “oh no…” the web page said “you are using a new device, we have sent you a text…” and I thought how will that work… what say I lose the page: obviously the site owner new I was going to be having issues; but I hit something on text and bingo I was back to the opening page…whew.

    I do actually prefer the laptop and bigger things but I was amazed how well I managed over that month with just the rectangular screen…
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Both vintage and retro: WIP

  7. Lucky you having resident geeks. Mine is across our country so must hone my writing skills to describe my problems for him to trouble shoot. I have a cell phone replacing the one I had. I don’t like this one because texting is much less convenient — several letters on each number — hardly an improvement in my book. I rarely give out my cell phone number so most have to call on my landline with answering machine. I don’t need or care about all the smart phone features — too bad some of them can’t be optional.

    1. I often regret having got upgraded to the smart phone. Life was indeed much simpler when the older handsets were good only to converse or send/receive text messages.

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