Due to my present physical condition, I have restricted my movements to the bare minimum and physical /mental exercise to a regimen of about seventy five minutes of yogabhyas every morning.

I rarely leave my home for any outings and when I do, it is only to places where I know that I will not have to walk long distances or climb staircases. I usually take a taxi or an auto rickshaw to and fro destination. All my friends and family know about this and so do not mind my staying put in my comfort zone.

My comfort zone includes my bed where I read and sleep, a recliner where I read and occasionally watch a TV show, and a sofa near the window where I sit in the mornings and read newspapers and solve crossword puzzles. There is a also a plastic garden chair which I use to sit on and have my morning tea and watch the world go by.

So, when I read this cartoon, it resonated with me and I wanted to share it with my readers immediately.

14 thoughts on “Mobility.”

  1. LOL. you find some great cartoons.
    I have days here that I often don’t go outside. it’s very humid. and the hotter it gets the more it affects my breathing. so… I’ve decided to love the life I’m living.
    just about the time I think the smokers in the building have moved or have decided to give us a break… there comes a day when I can smell it in my own apartment. I guess I should be looking where to move to next. my lease is up at the end of September.
    Shack… Webroot Security has blocked me from your site! I keep trying to go to it. I even asked them to check it out (an option they offer) for me and tell me WHY I can’t. it irritates me no end. but I suppose they feel they’re doing their job. they blocked another one a few months ago and I had to ask the same thing. they removed the block and I was fine. has anyone else mentioned this?

    1. It is more often that the cartoons find me Tammy! Not going out is quite common among senior citizens here and I can understand why it is so. I do go out now and then and you will find that a great motivating factor to get me out of my comfort zone is food. Just read my next post.

  2. Good morning:
    Enjoyed your post. Weather here is comfortable (not hot yet as it will eventually get). Yesterday and part of today will be spent cleaning and other household chores. Later in the day I intend to sit and write. Take care.

  3. I read and do not post
    but when I saw mobility thought it was me.
    A lot going on and doing better, use cane when out and sometimes walker at home. Keep moving and what I am doing.
    My son left a few days ago for Thailand, so appreciate a months visit.
    Given some hints as he teaches Yoga.
    I remember that until the last 5 years felt 30 years younger than actual age
    and then Arthur arrived full force and just aging.
    My son tells me the body was not meant to last forever.
    I enjoy your words.

    1. Thank you for your very kind words. I am sorry to hear about your own problems with mobility. I can relate as I have to use a walking stick or elbow crutches when I go out of the house. Just three years ago, I was quite mobile and travelled quite a bit. My problems have since got aggravated and I am now in this condition.

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