Due to my present physical condition, I have restricted my movements to the bare minimum and physical /mental exercise to a regimen of about seventy five minutes of yogabhyas every morning.

I rarely leave my home for any outings and when I do, it is only to places where I know that I will not have to walk long distances or climb staircases. I usually take a taxi or an auto rickshaw to and fro destination. All my friends and family know about this and so do not mind my staying put in my comfort zone.

My comfort zone includes my bed where I read and sleep, a recliner where I read and occasionally watch a TV show, and a sofa near the window where I sit in the mornings and read newspapers and solve crossword puzzles. There is a also a plastic garden chair which I use to sit on and have my morning tea and watch the world go by.

So, when I read this cartoon, it resonated with me and I wanted to share it with my readers immediately.

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