Model And The Original.

My irrepressible nephew Jai posted this in Facebook.

“I bought a miniature 1952 Citroen – here it is alongside a snap of the real thing starring miniature versions of my three uncles.

The 1952 Citroen was a favourite of my father and uncle. My childhood friend Vela too was very fond of it and had one for many years. I still remember driving his car, trying to shift the gear shift on the dashboard with the handle coming off in my hands.

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  1. It had a horn that sounded like gagoooogak and Kaiser our dog would jump up and wait for the old man to come home. Remember it fondly. Programme called Car SOS did one up and it made me very nostalgic.

  2. The wonder of the Citroen was that its body would rise off the ground gradually as we travelled…that was awesome! And it’s boot was big enough to fit Amma’s travelling kitchen and luggage!

    1. That system is now used in taller cars like the Range Rover so that handicapped people can get in. The Citroen D Super also hag that suspension. Whilst the Brits complain of a bad road when a car jumps, the French say bad suspension when they feel a bump.

  3. How neat that he found a model of the exact car! 🙂 I love looking at old cars–it is amazing how much they have changed. Even the most mundane of the older models seem to have an elegance about them.
    Bethany @ Happily Loco recently posted..Ascending the Mountain

  4. the model and the photo make a beautiful combination.
    neat car and even neater memories! cars Did have an elegance then.
    and now they all look alike to me.

    1. More importantly, my nephew had never seen this model of the car in its original form. He has seen only seen it on family photographs. For him to recognise the model and buy it is simply amazing for me.

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