Modern Addictions.

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mobile phone

watching soap



walking and texting



24 thoughts on “Modern Addictions.”

    1. Tikno, I am in a tearing hurry to get ready to leave on a short four day trip to Delhi, but could not believe my eyes when I saw your comment in my in box. Welcome back my friend. I hope that you will be more visible henceforth.

      No, it is an ancient addiction! Find a smart phone to distract you.

  1. A couple of weeks ago, I felt completely frustrated at all these people, who insist on have a gadget, small square thing attached to themselves, either in their hand or with an extension with earbuds stopping almost any communication with anyone “real time”

    Then I started thinking of all the modern contraptions that had been invented since I was in my teens and decided that I should just accept that these things are here! To Stay!

    As to pills and potions, if I didn’t have them – I would died already…

    And although, I struggle with the technology of the gadgets…if need be I learn them, if necessary 🙂

    [sorry bloggers, have got behind with reading here and there…]
    Cathy in NZ recently posted..It’s after week 6!

    1. I am entirely with you on this. I was gifted a tablet for my birthday in June and after having tried it for a few days, I simply passed it on to my son for his use.

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