Modern Art. A Critique.

My post on Creativity with particular reference to Jackson Pollock‘s painting created quite a stir on the post’s comments as well as through emails and facebook comments.

So, when I came across this video, thanks to my friend Shanker, from Robert Florczak so effectively demolish some of modern art’s pretensions, I decided to share it with my readers.

Do you agree with Florczak? I am inclined to.

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  1. I like modern art — it gives me the freedom to do anything I like (I don’t pay any attention to critics). I would like to see a Rothko sometime to see why people are moved by it. But as I told Andy once, I can see why people love to make abstract paintings, but I don’t understand why anyone would pay for one.

    Yay, color and sponteneity! Yay, freedom from critics!

    1. This most certainly is art, what I would call one that addresses a niche audience. I see more technical competence here than in someone throwing some paint on a wall and calling it art.

  2. As a big fan of modern art, I can only say that he’s blatantly biased against it. He makes a lot of the high quality and standards of “traditional” art without ever defining what he means by quality and standards. He maintains that traditional art is beautiful and modern art is ugly, but as Grannymar says, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I happen to find a lot of modern art extremely beautiful. Perhaps if he dropped all his pre-conceptions and looked at modern art with an innocent vision, he might start to appreciate it.
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    1. I am not qualified to comment in detail Nick. I hope that he reads my post and your comments and will comment. I will try and get him to by sending him a link to this post if I can get his email address.

  3. And of course it’s easy to discredit the whole of modern art by picking on a few absurdities like a large rock or a pile of bricks, but no doubt traditional art had its absurdities as well.
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  4. The British art critic Brian Sewell said that trying to explain so called modern art was … “Trying to explain the unexplainable”.
    Here are a few examples taken from the ‘experts’ descriptions of exhibits at ‘Tate Modern’ and entries for the ‘Turner Prize’.

    A box of sweepings from an artists’s studio floor … “Despite the abject nature of the material, and the fact it is rubbish, there is a mini-drama going on. The objects are active within the box itself. They have emotional and associative resonance, and can communicate meaning“.

    A garden shed … “Poetic . . . a buttress against the pressures of modernity, mass production and global capitalism”.

    A supermarket check-out with a dummy sitting on a toilet surrounded by rubbish, and another with it’s head in a bird cage … “Incredibly carefully composed and precisely placed and formed from ready-made objects we find in the everyday world … as well as incredibly personal objects — bowls that she’s fed her family and her children from.” … ”They are drawn together to form a story, but not a story that’s specific or defined.”.

    A 6ft. x 6in. piece of timber on a gallery floor … “The act of having to physically lift your leg to cross it announces that you are going into a different space. Entering the space may promise a revelation or enlightenment”.

    Bits of driftwood and old traffic cones … “The reflection of an inner psyche as represented by a metaphorical landscape”.

    Athletes running around a gallery … “a metaphor for the capacity to build art out of nothing or the sisyphean struggle of life” … ”offering an obscure metaphor of today’s looming paranoia and existentialism” … ”at the same time an ascetic gesture of disarming simplicity and an ironic invitation to re-imagine a new destiny”.
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    1. All that stuff sounds like a load of old bollocks, Big John. But there other exhibitions and artists that are really worth looking at. Like Ciara Phillips or Fiona Rae. Dismissing all modern art on the basis of a few bits of rubbish is a bit like dismissing all literature on the basis of chick-lit.
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  5. Hi Rummy,
    Of course I agree with Florczak. Most of the modern art pieces that I see around are sheer trash and I’m not afraid of saying it. But most people, in galleries and museums, will display their pretentiousness and intellectual insecurity when commenting on modern art – they are all afraid of looking bad. It’s a joke.
    Anyway, this very same video could be applied to politics and its doctrine of Political-Correctness.

    Thank you for sharing this great video.

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