30 thoughts on “Modern Art.”

  1. Cheerful Monk made a valid and oh so true observation: “Why do people react?” When I saw the picture and its headline I did react in as much as, like CM, I skipped the article. Only reason I, eventually, did read it because of your link.

    Art? What is art? Art defies all definition.

    May I say the “art” a chicken employs when laying an egg far more wonderous than a woman doing her Easter thing. If I sat her down and asked about the arty farty bit she’d be truly hard pressed to explain it. One of these days someone will go to the toilet and exhibit its contents. As art.

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  2. Performance art isn’t as well known as it was in maybe the 1970s when some artists needed to make statements…some of the “art” actually was dangerous especially if the artist decided on a blindfold…

    Then there is the static performance art that possibly starts with artist creating the object and then leaving it to the “viewer or even at times to the elements”

    Take a look at graffiti knitters/or textilers who create something for an object and then hope no one destroys it…
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