Modern Myths.

I suggested this topic for blogging by the Loose Bloggers Syndicate and therefore am ready for more critical perusal by my readers than the other members of the syndicate.

The idea for this topic came to me because; there is this maddening refrain from various quarters on the top most myth in my list. The other myths do not follow any order of priority and have been listed as they came up in my thought process. Perhaps there is some thing to be read into them!

I shall not elaborate on the myths but am willing to respond to any comments from any of my readers on them. I do this because I am reasonably sure that my readers need no elaboration as to why these are considered to by myths by me.

Modern Myth Number 1. Islam is a religion of peace.

Modern Myth Number 2. Pakistan is a trustworthy, ally/neighbour in the fight against terror

Modern Myth Number 3. An MBA degree is the passport to riches and a satisfying career.

Modern Myth Number 4. An MBA degree will make you an effective Manager/Leader.

Modern Myth Number 5. Democracy works.

Modern Myth Number 6, Freedom of expression is exercisable in democracies.

Modern Myth Number 7. Politicians and Bureaucrats have the nation’s interest at heart.

Modern Myth Number 8. Global warming is a myth.

Modern Myth Number 9. Amnesty International is an unbiased entity.

Modern Myth Number 10. All companies are serious when they offer Customer Service.

I hope that you enjoyed reading another post of the Friday Loose Bloggers’ Consortium when eleven of us post on the same topic chosen by one of us. Today’s topic has been chosen by yours truly.

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