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  1. I don’t agree with Grannymar’s dim view on mankind. I have had complete strangers falling over backwards for me. As I will for others.

    ‘Respect’ is not the word we are looking for in context of being slave to your mobile/cell phone. It’s manners. Pure and simple. If someone expects an important call they will tell you beforehand that they may have to excuse themselves briefly. After all, mother may be in hospital, dying, or whatever.

    To be honest, and this won’t make me popular: If someone is more spellbound by their phone than your company then, if I were any of you, I’d ask MYSELF one or two serious questions.

    In the meantime be assured of my undivided attention,
    Ursula recently posted..Consideration

    1. Let me join issue here. How often do you hear words like please and thank you in the public space? When I thank people like shop attendants and taxi drivers, they are visibly taken aback. They are not used to it. I personally do not get even acknowledgement of my presence in many urban scenarios. In my culture, someone of my age is expected to be treated with respect. It happens by default. The phone behaviour is but a symptom of this self centeredness.

  2. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a No Mobiles Day? A lot of people would completely freak out at the prospect. What would they do with their fingers? How would they pass the time? How would they keep in touch with their 134 Facebook friends?
    nick recently posted..Future shock

  3. It wasn’t so long ago to make a call when out and about, you had to find a phone box and insert coins. Or you might say to someone “I will call Joe when I get home”. Then when you were home, dialled the number, waited by the phone which was attached permanently to the wall socket. Later known as a jackpoint…it certainly wasn’t terribly portable unless you had a stretchy cord…

    Yes I know it’s much more modern to have some of these phones and other such things but it does seem that at least 75% of the people you see in the street are clutching one, sometimes even two (different companies offer differing services)

    I don’t think I will ever make it into the 21st century to have one of these phones unless something magically happens in my financial dept or similar…

    Yes I do have a cellphone, my is a flip lid and has a tiny typing window – suitable for having it for texting and the occasional phone call. And of course a “watch” and if necessary an “alarm”
    Cathy in NZ recently posted..A purple night!

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