It sounds odd that almost all the recent Hindi movies that I have been seeing are women centric and Mom brings up the latest in it. It has been touted as a come back film for Sridevi and if it is so, my reaction is – “Wow, what a comeback!”

Remarkable as she always is, and I have some very nice recollections of her role in English Vinglish, this one brings out the best in her yet. It is not easy portraying a step mother spurned by a step child but Sridevi brings it off with aplomb and verve.

The story, built around a gang rape, very topical now in India, is gripping and the movie speeds along from scene to scene in a very logical and attention holding way.

The other actors, despite their star rating, like Akshay Khanna and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, play rather unusual and perhaps therefore insipid roles. That however only shows up Sridevi’s remarkable histrionic talent , and it is all for the good.

The step daughter’ role played by Sajal Ali is another female role played to perfection.

Excellent direction, cinematography and subdued background music all go to give a very enjoyable and thrilling experience. I strongly recommend the film to those who have not yet seen it.

I am just mystified by the choice of a Pakistani actors for the role of the father and daughter pair. Couldn’t Indian ones be found? Or is there something happening that we mortals do not know about?

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      1. While I agree they could have certainly found someone from India to play the daughter’s role, but can’t deny that Sajal Aly played the role to perfection..She almost stole Sridevi’s thunder in their scenes together…

        1. Wow! I am delighted to see you here Mithali and commenting is icing on the cake. Thank you. My comment is not only about Sajal. Siddiqui too is a Pakistani. When their snipers are shooting our soldiers dead on our border and they send terrorists into our country, what nonsense is this that our film industry employs their citizens as stars?

          1. Thanks, Uncle::):)..yes..and all Pakistani actors have been rightly banned too..Just wish, we have more quality actors in our country..I mean, I haven’t seen any other 20-yr-old actress displaying the level of maturity and depth in her acting as Sajal Ali. This should be the alarm for Bollywood.

          2. Mithali, I am afraid that I refuse to be as naive as you are. There are young actors here too but in this particular case, I am willing to bet that there is more than meets the eye. When you next visit me, I shall elaborate.

  1. Pay deal? I don’t know the actors- are they as well known as Indians who may have been cast in those roles? Is there a financial tie up somewhere- was the film made in Pakistan and there was a ‘casting clause’ requiring local actors ? Just thoughts.
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  2. Common complaint with many U.S. films that excellent actors/actresses of various nationalities are not selected to play characters like themselves — are played by someone other. I suppose there could be various ways to consider this — from blatant discrimination to allowing the selected person to demonstrate their acting skills if convincing to viewers.
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  3. we have a similar situation here in those movies that call for a native American.
    the actual native American actors are never used. they have always been portrayed by other ethnic actors or even by Caucasians wearing darker make up.
    I’m not so sure how many native Americans are in the acting profession though. so the producers may not always have a choice.
    but as to the choice of Pakistanis in your Indian movies…
    WOW. I see why it’s upsetting.
    it sounds like a wonderful movie rummy. with an important message too.
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