Moment Of Truth.

Yesterday for the first time ever, my son and daughter in love insisted that one of them accompany me when I was going out of our home.  I was going to the hospital for my booster dose vaccination. I was a bit annoyed as I had been making small forays outside near my home alone albeit with some difficulty and felt that I could have gone alone and got the work done.

Reality hit me soon enough as walking up to the auto rickshaw stand about a hundred meters away,  and getting into one,  was quite tasking. At the hospital, navigating the approach steps and the parking lot before the vaccination centre were also equally challenging and I was very happy to have had Ranjan, my son,  escorting me as I would have most certainly had a fall or had some other mishap otherwise.

It will be time soon enough for a walker instead of a walking stick or elbow crutches for me. Here too, Manjiree and Ranjan have thoughtfully already bought a foldable walker and kept it in my bedroom.

I am today older and wiser and realise that I have become the proverbial old dodderer. I am also very grateful that I have help at home, a luxury that almost all of my family and friends of my age do not.

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  1. For some time now I have been trying to get my mum to buy a walker. I offered to go with her to get one but stopped short of making the purchase because I wanted it to be Mums decision.
    As it happens, she was in hospital this week and not allowed to go home without one so I’m grateful for that.
    Maybe Ranjan and Manjiree’s strategy of having things in place before needed is a better way to go

    1. Since reading my post, some others have pitched in with the advice that even inside our home, I should not take any chances and must immediately start using the walker. I am still in two minds about it.

  2. Yes you are indeed fortunate. I know this because I try to provide support to some of my friends parents who live alone in Pune. Some of them are touching 80 and there are a number of problems faced which money can’t buy. My wife’s mum had a surgery recently and it’s good that she’s with us with Sangeeta being the principal care giver. One thing I will dispute though is that you are no “dodderer” 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear you’ve become the proverbial old dodderer. But you were right to accept some help while you were out. As you say, better a bit of help than having a nasty fall.

  4. This is illuminating and enlightening. My next door neighbor asked me why I was keeping all this stuff I bought for Mom, and I said because I’m getting older, and though I don’t need any of it now I might need it in the future. Why pay for it again when I already have it?

    At least you have family members who love you and remind you that you’re not alone. At some point I might need to start putting stickers all over the house to remind me about things because I am alone. 🙂
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    1. I can understand and can compare your situation to some of my friends and relatives who live in the USA. In India, we still can afford to hire help and that is a big difference. I am much older to you but, I am more fortunate in that I live with my son and daughter in love who see to it that I don’t get into trouble. Since my son works from home, I am rarely left alone and that helps too.

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