Money To The Dead!

Some of my readers will remember my post on mail addressed to my late father advising him about his life after superannuation.

A friend who remembered the post has now sent me this photograph. Please click on the image for a larger resolution.

State Bank Of India is one of the world’s largest banks and India’s largest. It is a public sector bank with good reputation for customer service. My late father and I had a joint account there for four years as he trusted them and we never had any problems with them. My dealings with them on the few occasions that I had to go to them were all handled with efficiency and good cheer.

This however is another instance of not applying one’s mind to an important matter.

13 thoughts on “Money To The Dead!”

  1. as with most things mathematical I had to look up superannuation.
    and how glad I am that I worked for state tourism which did that for me and my retirement!
    my bank is also large but the local branch is friendly and one of the people knows me by name which is not only nice but helpful.
    I was going to comment on your last post and then started looking up Dr Jason Fung and wound up watching several videos he has done or been guest on.
    I like him very much.
    will also look forward to your post on his book(s).
    tammy j recently posted..that day in the middle of february

    1. Both the books are so interesting that Ranjan and Manjiree are also reading them. I think implementation will take some doing but in any case, I intend trying and I will most certainly write posts about both books.

  2. well I have to tell you a short summary of “one of my relatives who has been dead for quite a few years…still receives mail. And it’s a bit of a joke in the family when the letterbox is emptied and they take in the mail – “there are 2 letters for you Mum and 3 for the dead man…”
    I don’t quite understand why his shares in firms/or bank accounts have not been reassigned to someone alive in the family. I think he is tied up in his last will and testament…

      1. no – it’s not for that reason – it appears to be something to do with the will and the fact i guess he didn’t realise he would die first – so his wife gets to live off his earnings from wherever until she dies…

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