Monsoon Dampens Ganesh Festival.

That is Shrimad Dagdusheth Ganesh Installation which is the most popular one during the festival every year. You can see sparse crowds this year due to the incessant rains that we have been having. Here is a report after the fifty day of the festival.

Mumbai always a bigger city with much bigger installations and immersion processions has fared worse.

For instance, the Lalbagh Raja has been drawing much less crowds and people who would have waited for hours earlier can now have darshan by just walking in.

6 thoughts on “Monsoon Dampens Ganesh Festival.”

  1. Even arid New Mexico USA is getting lots of rain. Must be caused by Climate Change. The world is in a turmoil, probably thought by every generation.
    We have to think positively. THE NEWS IS MORE INTERESTING. 😀

  2. I believe, I saw something about the excessive monsoon rains in Mumbai – much flooding in parts of the city, causing both chaos and death…

    but as you have replied to CM. the weather has eased…and the festival continues. Maybe, some of the vendors, that both news links have indicated, who have come especially for sales, will have more now…

    1. Today is Eid al adah or the day when Muslims slaughter sacrificial animals and celebrate. It is a big festivals for Muslims in India and that it is smack dab in the middle of the Ganesh festival and has so far passed off peacefully says a lot about our traditions here.

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