Monsoon Revives.


That is our garden enjoying the rain just a few minutes ago this afternoon. Monsoon has been playing truant and we were facing a drought situation till just a few days ago. The met informs us that the deficit registered so far is likely to be made good during the rest of the month with the monsoon reviving.

It is very good news and has brought a lot of smiles on our faces except perhaps for some like Calvin.

Calvin and kite

18 thoughts on “Monsoon Revives.”

  1. Calvin has good, inventive ideas.
    After a very warm and dry summer in Poland even I welcomed rain few days ago.But now I move on to warm and dry spring in Sydney. I consider myself lucky.
    Your garden looks really nice.

  2. That is great news! My niece and her family live in California and had to evacuate for a couple of days because of the fires. Fortunately their place didn’t burn down so they could go back.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Changes

  3. it’s interesting how ones’ weather around the world is important for a reason that another would not care to have. Here rain keeps our electricity dams working, the people who relie on tank water and then of course city folk with gardens who need everything to be green or blooming at the right time of year…

    but our weather as I have mentioned many times especially here in Auckland city is very dependent on what the Indian/Pacific oceans [to some extent what is coming across fromAussie] wishes to heap upon us…

  4. Your garden is lovely! I am glad the much needed rains have arrived. This was always something we waited for in the summer in NM as well.

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