I was persuaded to watch Moonlight by a post that Anna has written reviewing it. Like in her post, the climate here too has changed to an unusually warm late February and it was nice to be in an air-conditioned theatre for a show that started at 12.00 noon. Another very unusual andĀ inconvenientĀ timing but the movie itself and the five people who were in attendance explained that timing.

This is a much critically acclaimed and many nominations and award winning film which to its credit has excellent story line, direction, acting, cinematography and background music. The story is unusual because it depicts an African American boy’s boyhood, teenage, imprisonment, growth and adulthood. It is a very sensitively made film and is not the run of the mill entertainment genre. More on lines of an art film high on aesthetics, it still depicts reality and conveys brute truths very well.

I had gone to the movie with a dear friend who has been housebound due to a fracture in the leg for a long period and who was quite excited about getting out of the house and going to a movie in a mall. For her, it was a disappointment as she was looking forward to some entertainment whereas I had to keep explaining the dialogues, rather unusual for her. While I appreciated the movie, I cannot honestly say that I was entertained.

If you like seeing serious films and can be comfortable with African American diction, you may watch it. Otherwise, giving it a miss will not be a big deal.

The saving grace was a late lunch at a Rajasthani restaurant which compensated for the dull movie experience.

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