I was persuaded to watch Moonlight by a post that Anna has written reviewing it. Like in her post, the climate here too has changed to an unusually warm late February and it was nice to be in an air-conditioned theatre for a show that started at 12.00 noon. Another very unusual andĀ inconvenientĀ timing but the movie itself and the five people who were in attendance explained that timing.

This is a much critically acclaimed and many nominations and award winning film which to its credit has excellent story line, direction, acting, cinematography and background music. The story is unusual because it depicts an African American boy’s boyhood, teenage, imprisonment, growth and adulthood. It is a very sensitively made film and is not the run of the mill entertainment genre. More on lines of an art film high on aesthetics, it still depicts reality and conveys brute truths very well.

I had gone to the movie with a dear friend who has been housebound due to a fracture in the leg for a long period and who was quite excited about getting out of the house and going to a movie in a mall. For her, it was a disappointment as she was looking forward to some entertainment whereas I had to keep explaining the dialogues, rather unusual for her. While I appreciated the movie, I cannot honestly say that I was entertained.

If you like seeing serious films and can be comfortable with African American diction, you may watch it. Otherwise, giving it a miss will not be a big deal.

The saving grace was a late lunch at a Rajasthani restaurant which compensated for the dull movie experience.

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  1. was even more interested in rajasthani. i opened the link. wish they had shown more of the restaurant. but found it refreshing that they have many vegetarian and even vegan dishes to offer.
    our restaurants do not cater at all to vegetarians. eating out can be extremely boring. you have to order most things ala carte if you don’t eat meat and that becomes expensive. our city is pretty good sized… about 127,000 now and there is not even one vegetarian restaurant that i know of! this is “cattle country.” and their idea of vegetables is a little cup of steamed broccoli and carrots!
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

    1. I have been a vegetarian since 1998 and have not regretted becoming one ever. My friend is also a vegetarian but lactose intolerant and had to be extremely careful about what she ate, and the restaurant obliged very cheerfully which made her experience a joyful one too.

  2. Well, this is not the very warm reception of the film, but I hope not all your time was wasted. I agree that it is not an entertaining film, but warm and sensitive in showing some harsh aspects of life. La la land another one of my favourite films would have been much better to lift your mood, but I understand this film is off already in your area.
    At least you and your friend escaped the hot weather for a while.
    I am going to finish soon my enthusiastic review of Manchester by the Sea, but this is another moving an depressing film. Be warned!

    1. It was not a complete wash out Anna. It is just a different kind of a film. Lion is about to be released this Friday and I am looking forward to seeing another movie with Australia featuring in it.

  3. I too was invited to watch Moonlight last Sunday and to dinner after. I found the film to be interesting but a bit too stereotypical in its portrayal of small town, under privileged black Americans. I agree with you Ramana about the sensitivities in the direction, and I thought the actor as a boy, young adult and man very well cast — good actor, but beyond that it did not make me feel that it rates such rave reviews for awards. My dinner after was better!

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