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  1. Am I surprised, Ramana? Yes, and no. That the rich have a sense of entitlement can be witnessed in the lobby of any five star hotel/restaurant/a shop in Bond Street. And underlings with their subservience do feed that entitlement.

    Call me naive, too trusting, idealistic: I firmly believe that regardless of where on the money we fall and what we do with it, how we behave is very much down to our innate character. Not least, and this is an important point, because one and the same person (speaking from experience) can find themselves down and out only to come into riches again; and vice versa. I know penny hugging measly misers and I know well-offs who don’t play on their power, who do not make a show of it.

    As to the Monopoly experiment: I do not doubt the research. However , having played Monopoly many times one thing I learnt early on – underlining my assertion above – that money makes a person show their true colours, their true personality. Looking back at me and my siblings (I was always the bank trying to get out of prison at the same time) what I saw then in all four of us has come true, oh so true, in real life. Funny actually, come to think of it.

    Then there is my son. He is one of life’s winners. So much so that when they were younger some of his cousins refused to play board games with him “He always wins”. The Angel? He just smiled, slightly bemused how anyone can take anything so seriously. But then, maybe, that is a luxury a winner can allow himself.

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  2. No, it doesn’t surprise me. I think it’s inevitable that people who’re rich (or are told they’re rich) get arrogant and high-handed because they simply don’t need to be considerate to others any more. Why stop at a pedestrian crossing? Why be honest? Why help anyone? They’ll still be rich and other people’s displeasure won’t affect them in the slightest.
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    1. Agreed. But why behave in ways that could be dangerous to their own selves besides others? It is the belief that they can get away and / or a sense of entitlement that makes them so.

  3. I am not at all surprised, but would note that the studies were conducted in Berkeley (aka Berzerkeley), thus, the results might reflect certain local features. For example, it is a famous saying that if you attend Berkeley, you don’t leave your chemistry experiment unattended, because a fellow student will put something in it to foul it. It is something to do with the competitive spirit and everything being graded on a curve. Regarding the BMW and Lexus drivers, we will instinctively presume that they are Asian immigrants, until our eyes tell us otherwise. Then there is the observation that the UC professors are very well paid, although perhaps they feel like paupers compared to the Stanford professors on the other side of the bay. Certainly they will feel like beggars every time they look west and see the mansions in Marin County.

    (Disclaimer: I spent several years as a University of California employee.)
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  4. wow. fascinating study into human nature.
    I have known a few very nice very rich people in my life. but not too many. as it says . . . with wealth seems to come ‘entitlement’ and a love of power too i’d say.
    the best monopoly game i ever played was around a huge table with so many players . . . that by the time it got to be my turn (i was last) . . . all the property had already been bought and i could only pay rent. it didn’t take me long to run out of money! i happily retired to the living room and read a book. i hate the game of monopoly! but then i’m not competitive by nature. perhaps that’s why. let the rich be miserable. i don’t care! i think by and large they are pretty miserable people.
    i LOVE your posts!
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    1. There is another side to the research that has not come out very clearly in this particular clip. It is what rich people do when they are in company and and what they do when they are alone and think that they are not being observed.

  5. Yes, I am surprised. I would have to put numbers to it in my own experience but I don’t think of the privileged people I know throwing their weight around. Many throw themselves and their money into worthwhile projects. I get the whole entitlement thing…what better example than our lawmakers here in the US and their game-playing with the necessities of the masses. Still, on a personal level, I know a lot of the “good guys”. And I also know my share of grasping middle class people. No matter what, it is something to keep in mind and examine in our own behaviors…since I would assume we are all quite privileged on many levels or we wouldn’t be spending our time reading and writing on computers.
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  6. Don’t we anyway tend to assume that the new billionaires have got where they are by stepping on other people, using corruption to their benefit, etc? And the richer you are, the more contacts you have, the more freebies you get from your doctor, your optician, your friends in high places, while those who need the freebies have to pay for everything…

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