Morbid? You Decide.

On reading my post Are You Leaving? my friend A called me up to berate me for being morbid.

I do not think that my post was morbid. Morbid would be when I am obsessed with death. I am not.  It is just the one truth that cannot be denied and I have accepted that it will come to me some time.

The opposite of death is not life.  It is birth.  There is no opposite to life.  Life simply is but offers us duality in every aspect of it.  We have made one part of that morbid by not even wanting to use the word death.  We use words like passing away, has gone to God etc to express our discomfort with one real fact of life that at some point of time, it will happen to each of us.  All that I maintain is that I have lived a full life, have no regrets and am now ready to face whatever happens in death.

I have given  my take on the subject and leave you to decide whether I was morbid or just practical.



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  1. “Morbid”. My dear Ramana, the only reason people use that disparaging word is because any mentioning of death makes THEM uncomfortable. Yet death is a fact of life. Can’t believe I am able to deliver such obvious rubbish as in the sentence before this one.

    I love the way you describe ‘life’ like an interim state/stage between birth and death. And it is. Long may you interim. There you go: I have just invented a new verb, so my time on this earth has not been wasted (yet).

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  2. Unless life is unbearable ( for whatever reason – chronic sickness , pain , extreme poverty , loss of loved ones ,etc ) how can one look forward to something that we KNOW nothing of , though some of us believe they know ? It is inevitable and that is about all we really KNOW ( “death & taxes” ). And as they say the fear of the unknown is the worst fear of all . Curiosity is one thing that makes many of us want to live longer – what will the world be like , how will our kids/grandkids fare , will man land on Mars , what will be the next dramatic invention/discovery , do aliens exist , will they find a cure for cancer /AIDS/whatever ..etc ? Some people resort to cryogenics , being preserved for a day that a cure might be found and they can be “resurrected” and spend fortunes on that ! As for me , I am very curious and would like to live as long as I am reasonably healthy and non-dependent , but if I have to depart ( without a ticket ! ) so be it …no regrets …none at all .. if anything gratitude and humility . One thing though , frankly I would not like to be reborn , even as a human ! As for Heaven & Hell , well , both must be chock-a-block full by now – we must be on a long waiting list which is why life spans have increased ! So that leaves ( by and large ) oblivion – poof , or the “energy” just floating around in limbo – hmm rather pointless wouldn’t you say . Sorry of this sounds morbid ! 🙂

    1. Nandu, the way I look at it, the Indian average life expectancy is 67 for males. I have long passed that milestone. Every day is a bonus and I treat it as such. Since you got back into my orbit, you must have seen how joyful my life is. The point is that I am grateful for all the experiences that I have had, and for being able to afford to live a joyful life. When I say I am read and willing to go, I simply mean that I cannot think of any new experience that will excite me enough to ask for postponement of the inevitable.

  3. Practical I’d say. And no – the original post was not morbid IMHO. It too was very rational and practical – 2 basic traits very much a part of your makeup.

  4. i didn’t find that post nor your statement about it morbid at all rummy.
    i was introduced to death fairly early… 17 … with the loss of my dad.
    i remember after my husband bob died…
    in a job i had later … we had to write a short bio for some reason for the newsletter. i wrote … ” my husband died in ” and put the year… etc. …
    the ‘editing staff’ when it was published in the newsletter had changed my word “died” to ‘passed away.’ it didn’t please me. it was my bio. my words. i do not find the word “died” offensive or hard to take.
    it is part of the circle.
    great cartoon by the way!
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  5. Some people use the word “morbid” simply to mean any mention of death, however innocent or appropriate. For some reason they’re squeamish about the very mention of something inevitable for all of us. Of course what morbid really means is an abnormal obsession with things like death and disease, which doesn’t apply to you at all. You mention death merely because it comes to all of us sooner or later. What’s wrong with that?
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