Morning Solitude.

As my regular readers know, I wake up around 4.30 am every day, perform a set of exercises, meditate and then I venture out of my bedroom.

The first thing that I do is to make myself a mug of ginger tea. I carry this to our verandah overlooking our garden and sit on a chair facing the garden and the road beyond it. A cat that has adopted us comes around asking for her morning breakfast which is given to her and she contentedly sits around till something else distracts her.

Strangely enough, she resembles a coon about which you can read here.

I take about half an hour there while it is still dark. I watch the morning walkers, joggers and others on their way to work or whatever and sometimes, some passing acquaintance will stop to exchange some pleasantries.

This morning respite sets the tone for the rest of the day for me and it is something that I look forward to every night before I fall asleep.

What is your morning routine?

8 thoughts on “Morning Solitude.”

  1. My only morning routine is getting up at around 7 am, having breakfast and then checking the internet for blog comments, Facebook posts, news headlines etc. After that, it’s whatever I fancy doing – reading, shopping, gardening (in the summer) etc.

    If the cat has adopted you, she must think you treat her very well!

  2. My morning routine is get us early, putter a bit, make breakfast (dark roast coffee beans ground fresh!). read current book while eating, tao meditation, maybe a bit of writing, play scrabble on line with long time co-players, read blogs, see what’s on the agenda for the day, stay focussed on health at the moment.


  3. my morning routine is currently on an “enforced holiday” – but I’m working on getting on some type of schedule – either as it was or new.

    Of course I don’t have option of sitting on a verandah or porch and watching the world go by, but I do mentally wish the man from U/2 as he drives away “have a nice day at work” as I lie in bed reasoning with myself when I should get up and get on with my day…
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Yesterday, a long but joyous day

  4. My mornin routine is not as cool as yours andit now centers around decaf coffee since my ticker issues sprang forth. Now aboit that cat -Iamnot sure you realize how big a Maine Coon gets y get HUGE – a friend in Ft Worth has 2, when I was a kid in colorado I had a male coon I named Suzie that rulesd the neighborhood. They are magnificent animals, easily much larger than a bobcat.

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