Mosquito Killer.

One of the jokes that my Guru was very fond of sharing during his talks was how nature has a sense of humour. He would then add that man would throw nets to catch big animals, fish and birds but, would  hide inside nets to save himself from the tiniest of creatures, the humble mosquito.

My war against mosquitoes continues and I got this machine from Amazon India earlier today. This will be installed in the living room where I sit and read or solve crossword puzzles. I can’t do either under a mosquito net and so have decided to experiment with this gadget.

This is what Amazon India has to say about this mosquito killing machine.

Charger: Not Applicable, State: Solid, Applicable Area: 50-100 square meters, Feature: Eco-Friendly,Stocked, Pest Control Type: Traps, Power Source: Sun Battery, Design: Regular, Fragrance: Scentless
In the box: 1xpcs Mushroom Shaped Mosquito killer Lamp , ( AV LIABLE COLOR WILL BE SENT )
Dehydrate them and kills them, Put at meter height from ground for best results
6 LED lights lures in mosquito up to 300m radius 360 wide-opening trap for maximized effectiveness.6 LED lights lures in mosquito up to 300m radius 360 wide-opening trap for maximized effectiveness.
The Motor Is Efficient , Saving And Quiet : No Noise And Unpleasant Odor When It Works , To Make You Feel At Ease And Sleep.

I look forward to more relaxed reading time with this around.

12 thoughts on “Mosquito Killer.”

  1. Now that you have reported the alleged effective range I await with baited breath the report on the actual results. Call me a skeptic – LOL

  2. I thought mosquitoes are attracted by someone’s smell; which is why some people get bitten mercilessly, whilst others escape relatively unharmed (that’ll be me – repelling even blood suckers, such are my powers). Anyway, it’s all very sad – the fight between man and beast. I dare say that should the mosquito ever come close to extinction (one can but dream) no one will try and start a “save the mosquito” campaign.

    A long time ago, I think it was on some beach in Greece, I had imbibed a generous amount of Ouzo. I wouldn’t say I was drunk as in “drunk” – I never am – but I knew there was enough alcohol in my blood to give a mosquito, indeed an army of mosquitoes, alcohol poisoning – and with that sweet thought of advance revenge I went to sleep. And woke up unblemished. Mosquitoes clearly aren’t stupid.

    Hope you device will live up to its promise.

    Ursula recently posted..Soft boiled

    1. The good news first. The device works.

      Next, during my hard drinking and wild days, the same phenomenon used to be observed by every one else around me. Others would get bitten while I would not. I used to quip that one lady would come for a trial, get drunk and fall over and tell the other colleagues that there was no blood and only whisky and to find other sources for blood.

  3. how do they get in? through open windows?
    if that’s the case could you measure the windows for screens?
    you could use screening material and adhere it to the window edges.
    that would keep them out maybe. otherwise i hope your machine works!
    mosquitos are not innocent little bugs. they’ve caused lots of death over the years!
    tammy j recently day rain

    1. Open French window that we have between our living room and the garden. I have netting all over the house but, despite that, they find ways to enter. They are very clever.

  4. I’m surprised you have so much trouble inside. I’m with tammy, we always use screens, but I hope your gadget works for you. I’m still in awe of the Dalai Lama, who didn’t like mosquitoes but wouldn’t kill them even when they were sucking his blood. Talk about dedication!
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..The Call of the Wild

  5. for some reason this home, hasn’t had mossies – but I at times have them at the other house – neither house has screens.
    When I had one at the other house, especially at night, I would search mercifully for them – then give up and take some bedding to another room – turn off the light and give the room a quick spray – and say to “do what you want before the spray gets you, but you ain’t gonna get me…” (hoping there wasn’t a lurker in the other room…

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