Mother In Law Problems.

This post cannot wait.

My dear sister is in all kinds of problems due to having been blessed with a termagant for a Mother In Law.

She has written a group mail to me and some of my friends who she knows will be sympathetic to her cause, about her problems. If one reads between the lines, one can see what she really means.

Since her mail is likely to be intercepted, and my blog is perhaps a safer method of giving advise to her, I wish to suggest to her that I come over to her place accompanied by another aficionado Chuck and serenade her mother in law with this song.

(Mother in Law) Mother In Law
(Mother in Law) Mother In Law

The worst person I know
(Mother-in law, mother-in law)
(Mother-in law, mother-in law)
A she worries me, so
If she’d leave us alone
A we would have a happy home
Sent from down below

Mother in Law Mother in Law

Satan should be her name
To me they’re bout the same
Every time I open my mouth
She steps in, tries to put me out
How could she stoop so low

[Instrumental Interlude]

I come home with my pay
She asks me what I made
She thinks her advice is the constitution
But if she would leave that would be the solution
And don’t come back no more

Mother in law
My……mother in law, ah
Oh yeah

I have no doubts whatsoever in my mind that the sight of the two troubadours singing this song should cure the MIL of her maladies’

What say sis?

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