16 thoughts on “Motivation.”

  1. Very funny in its simplistic way.

    However, I’d say you either have motivation or you don’t (and the cyclists clearly do, otherwise they’d never set off in the first place). Then shite happens and you have to pedal extra fast. Whilst trying not to fall off the bike. In extremis, one might, of course, do a U turn to confuse the “powers” there are, or just abandon the metaphorical “bike” and jump across that fence.

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  2. ohmygosh! that looks very close. but hopefully it’s an optical illusion and they’re not so close to each other.
    i am movtivating myself each morning to take my ‘walk.’ sometimes it’s shorter sometimes longer. but that first step in the breaking dawn takes motivation indeed.
    after i descend the stairs and feel the wind in my face i know why i ‘did it anyway!’
    interesting thing … motivation.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

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