Much Ado About Nothing!

As our maid finished her duty and left for her home earlier this afternoon, she was turned back from across the road from our home by some policemen and security personnel. She returned home and informed us that there was a bomb scare just outside a bank that operates across the road from us and that traffic was being diverted while waiting for the bomb squad to come.

For a little over an hour there was high drama with no one really knowing the full story but just as the clouds opened up and the rain started, we came to know that the bomb squad had found a bag with some books and clothes in it abandoned in an autorickshaw. The driver of the autorickshaw saw the bag and panicked and informed the bank personnel who called the police and the drama.

Just as the bomb squad was packing up to go back to their base, the owner of the bag landed up to claim the bag and was subject to quite a bit of ribbing!

It is now raining and the traffic is back to normal and the maid has gone home.

All is well that ends well. The excitement was worth it for otherwise our lives are so uneventful!

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