This post has been inspired by a post with the same title by Kylie.

In that post I have left the following comment:

“Some years ago a dear friend, alas no more sent me a parcel for my birthday. On opening it I found two lovely beer mugs and a card that said “Mugs for a mug from a mug.”

Those two mugs however became history years ago but my home is full of mugs of all sizes including yours truly, his son and daughter in love.

I love to drink my tea or coffee from mugs and when I have to use cups in restaurants, I find it boring.

Mugs seem to chase me wherever I go. I have got many gifts of mugs inscribed with messages calling me good husband, father, uncle etc and some of them have survived the ravages of time.

The latest to join the collection is a pair of mugs a photograph of one of which is reproduced here. These were produced to commemorate my Business School class celebrating its golden jubilee earlier this year.  Photographs of all students were printed on the body and it took two mugs to accommodate all.  That is how we ended up with a pair of them each.

I could not attend the main function at the school, but I was sent the pair to be given to me during a celebration in Pune attended by my classmates resident here and their wives. I had written about that occasion too. Please read that last line in that post.

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