This post has been inspired by a post with the same title by Kylie.

In that post I have left the following comment:

“Some years ago a dear friend, alas no more sent me a parcel for my birthday. On opening it I found two lovely beer mugs and a card that said “Mugs for a mug from a mug.”

Those two mugs however became history years ago but my home is full of mugs of all sizes including yours truly, his son and daughter in love.

I love to drink my tea or coffee from mugs and when I have to use cups in restaurants, I find it boring.

Mugs seem to chase me wherever I go. I have got many gifts of mugs inscribed with messages calling me good husband, father, uncle etc and some of them have survived the ravages of time.

The latest to join the collection is a pair of mugs a photograph of one of which is reproduced here. These were produced to commemorate my Business School class celebrating its golden jubilee earlier this year.  Photographs of all students were printed on the body and it took two mugs to accommodate all.  That is how we ended up with a pair of them each.

I could not attend the main function at the school, but I was sent the pair to be given to me during a celebration in Pune attended by my classmates resident here and their wives. I had written about that occasion too. Please read that last line in that post.

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  1. I find standard coffee cups to dainty – probably due to years of Starbucks Vente sized drinks. Anything smaller than 20 ounces is too small for my tastes – esecially when it comes yo coffee. Tea I can handle in smaller cups. I have been – as was Lynn – something of a coffee snob -Starbucks was at the low end of what we drank regularly. We always enjoyed trying different coffees from around the world. Unfortunately mugs tend to get broken regularly here so I have no collection.

    1. My collection is a disparate one primarily acquired by receiving gifts. Totally unmatched bar a few, they serve the purpose when too many guests land up at the same time.

  2. We have a fabulous selection of mugs, some of them decades old, including two matching mugs from my early days with Jenny! They’ve survived several mishaps. We have a number of Denby mugs, which are Jenny’s favourite. But once a mug has the smallest chip, Jenny deems it defective, and it bites the dust.

    1. Well, apart from an enduring affection for you, Jenny and I appear to have one other thing in common. I too can’t bear anything dented, chipped or, worse, broken in my possession. Maybe she and I intuitively sense that it’s bad Feng Shui to give the irreparable house room.

      Ursula recently posted..Mum is the word

  3. I have two identical mugs that I drink my water from — for some reason I’ve stopped drinking tea or coffee. Talk about simplicity!

    I love the mug with the pictures. What a neat memento. 🙂
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Cherries

  4. Your class mugs remind me of the commemorative ones of the British Royal Family 🙂

    There are mugs of all shapes and sizes in my house with slogans and cat related ‘things’ on them as well as standard coffee ones BUT there’s no way I’ll use them for tea. Tea tastes better drunk from a really fine dainty china cup (with saucer of course!)
    Cathy recently posted..Just one of those afternoons……

  5. I especially liked the comment from Vijay Merchant!
    and the group picture.
    will you be going to the next reunion? and is it always held there?
    perhaps the colleague who was still working has now retired and can wear his blue shirt!
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

    1. No, I won’t be going to any annual reunions except those that take place either at Pune or in Mumbai. I can’t take the strain due to my physical limitations. The chap who had come from work will not retire any time soon, as he and his wife both run a very successful travel business. He wears the blue shirt on his days off.

  6. Well my days of drinking from anything with a “handle” are over…I now use what is affectionately know as a “keep cup” – the only down size is the plastic material but I do find that I get every last drop, and now drops roll out of the cup because of the lid. It’s similar to the cardboardy takeaway cup.

    When I’m out for catchup at a cafe I will take a bottled drink with a straw…or I will order a smoothie in a takeaway kind of plastic flask. (I’ve gone of hot drinks at cafes, I think the steamed milk is the problem)

      1. it’s got to do with the hands, both the tremor but also the lack-of/trouble with muscles in both thumb beds/wrists… the weight of the cup/mug v handle seems to be the biggest problem…

  7. I really like the class mug and I think it is lovely that you have a collection of mugs declaring you the best. They are probably more valuable than lots of more expensive items

    1. I like to muse over them when I use them but I am not overly attached to them. If they get broken as many have done over the years, they simply get replaced with either new gifts or something that we can purchase from a gift shop that operated just across the road from our residence.

  8. I don’t know what it says about me, my dear Ramana, but no one ever has given my a mug. Maybe I don’t inspire mugs. All the mugs in my house were carefully – and sparingly – chosen by yours truly without a logo, motto, or anything vaguely annoying in sight.

    Mind you, and this partly links in with your take, spare a thought for the Angel who was given a white mug (stylish) with black writing (stylish) with the inscription “I am a (insert name of company) sider.” Oh dear. Sure gets him in the groove every morning. I have never asked, and won’t, why despite the pain this must cause him it appears his favourite mug Stockholm syndrome?

    Ursula recently posted..Mum is the word

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