My post So Many Books generated quite a bit of traffic in the comments section and one aspect that got huge attention was “multitasking”, with Bikehikebabe saying that multitasking is a woman thing and men won’t be able to do it!

This should put paid to that observation!

But let us give credit where it is due. Here is how a woman really multitasks.

If however BHB is to be believed, this is how a woman will appear to others.
multitasking woman

19 thoughts on “Multitasking!”

  1. My comp doesn’t allow me to watch and listen to anything you whizz kids send round the globe. So I just ad lib in response as worst I can.

    Obviously, focussing is the holy grail. However, I am with BHB. Multitasking comes easy to mothers – by necessity the pram is in the hall. FOS (father of son) after many years of my undivided attention found it irritating when in middle of conversation the spawn of our loins addressed me with some urgent request (potty, question, hunger, Einstein and God) to which I obeyed immediately. You do NOT leave children waiting. You might miss the moment. Five minutes later – to FOS’s dismay – I’d pick up our conversation exactly where we’d left off and he’d forgotten all about it. Yeah, well.

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  2. Not me, I’m a focuser. Once I was so busy focusing on my Spanish homework in high school I burned the hard boiled eggs we were supposed to have at dinner. Didn’t notice the smell (I was in the kitchen while studying) until just before my mother came home. She couldn’t understand why I hadn’t noticed before.

    Needless to say, when I worked I found jobs that used that talent. 🙂
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  3. I wouldn’t consider the first example as much good, he had to stop playing every time someone wanted to make a contribution.. more noise than talent. We were not allowed to view the second video in the UK. Most men consider drinking tea/coffee/booze while playing armchair generals, as multitasking.
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