My Best Friend.

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best friend

I must confess that I am unable to choose the best one among all my friends.

They are all friends and I am grateful for their friendship.

20 thoughts on “My Best Friend.”

    1. I am totally in earnest about the response CM. I find it difficult to rank my friends in the order of their qualities. I have three categories of relationships, friends, acquaintances and to-be-left-alones. I cannot rank the first because they are just a few.

    1. Friendship is not something that I would like E L James to write about. I will accept that there could be many shades of acquaintanceship, but not of friendship. I have three categories of relationships, friends, acquaintances and to-be-left-alones. I cannot rank the first because they are just a few.

      1. Yes, Ramana, I know. No sooner had I pressed ‘send’ I knew I should have said “facets” rather than shades. That’s the trouble: Everyone has sex on their brain. Even in the shadow.

        I will write on this in more detail on my own blog. Not least, dear Ramana, because outside your categories (and I totally agree) there are degrees of friendship. It’s just a fact. Nothing to do with ‘ranking’.

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  1. Friendship is a treasure and that we should always be grateful if we have them. Not all people have friends you know. My happiest moments is when if I’m with my friends and just laugh with them til we drop. 🙂

  2. i grew up with few friends. mainly acquaintances. moving constantly one does that. once when i was 13 … my ‘best friend’ at the time … and i agreed when i moved away that we would stay friends and write forever! i think it lasted maybe 10 months. life moved in. and on.
    that was way before the internet of course.
    i treasure the friends I’ve made on it. and i never ‘rank’ things such as friends. like colors and tastes … i find it impossible to ever pick ‘favorites!’ i just can never do it. the answers of everybody here are fascinating. and on the mark!
    plus. i especially like the picture rummy. LOL.
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    1. I can relate. I am sure that such experiences are part of all our lives with people coming in and going out of our lives and oaths of undying friendships also going out with them.

  3. As I said to Grannymar, I think it’s hard to make a best friend, if that means someone who’s so close and trusted you can tell them absolutely anything and pour out your heart to them. Many people are reluctant to get too close to someone else, or they’re friendly for a while and then abruptly take exception to something you’ve said or done. Friendship is a tricky business.
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