My Childhood Goals For My Life.

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The one major goal of life since my childhood would not leave me at all throughout my life which currently stands at the ripe old age of 70.

The earliest goal that I remember ever having was to become a grown up so that I would not have to go to school.

Once I grew up a little more and found that school was inescapable, the goal became to somehow get through that unavoidable trial and start earning money so that I would not have go to school!

When I started making money and was enjoying life with no other goal other than to stay in that condition, life dealt me another googly and I went back to school for two years. During those two years as an adult, the goal became to somehow acquire the qualification, get a job and forget all about going to school again.

On accomplishing that goal, I started off on a career and my employers decided that I needed to be provided with further education on and off and kept sending me to various schools to learn to be more effective. By this time, I had come to appreciate that these were actually breaks to enjoy time away from the daily grind and I kept looking forward to them.

During these breaks, I set myself a goal to retire at the age of 50. I was not able to, but did so at the age of 52. I was foot loose and due to some mysterious power working behind the scenes, I went back to work on three separate occasions, during one of which, I was gently led into going back to school to learn some things for which the background had been slowly building up over the years. This time around too, that schooling had a specific goal of reaching something which is still eluding me. My teacher has advised me that he cannot teach me any more and I now need to do a lot of home work to reach my goal. I am doing that.

And that Goal is to become Goalless.


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