My Childhood.

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“The calculating self is concerned for its survival in a world of scarcity. Its voice, the voice of Peter or Marie, is a version of the one that announced our arrival here on earth with wails and cries, and then learned to smile coyly or stamp its foot to say, “Take note of me.”

“A child is an exquisite attention getting device, designed to sound an alarm at the first indication that he will be forgotten or relegated to a position where he does not count. He needs the care and attention of strong, competent people to make it through, and nature obliges by endowing him with enough fear and aggression to stimulate him to hold on fiercely to sources of viability. His education in the ways of relations sets him the primary talk of understanding hierarchy, assessing where the power is, and learning what he must do to be accepted. A child’s ability to control his position and the attention of others is critical, much more important than control is for the average adult on an average day. The prolonged nature of human childhood may contribute to the persistence of these habits long after their usefulness has passed.”

~ R S and Benjamin Zander.


I am now in my second childhood. My father is very much part of my life now and for him, I continue to be an exquisite attention getting device! As he is to me. My son also lives with me, and he has taken over the role of parenting me. I am in an enviable exquisite attention getting position.

Anu, I hope that this post has come up to your expectations!

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